Empower NJ Issues Imp. Report on the Impacts of Fossil Fuel Projects on Climate Change in NJ’s Environment

Empower NJ Issues Imp. Report on the Impacts of Fossil Fuel Projects on Climate Change in NJ’s Environment

Empower NJ-Stop Fossil Fuel Projects Campaign issues a critical report on greenhouse gases from the proposed 13 fossil fuel projects. After months of research the campaign will reveal a comprehensive new report called FIGHTING CLIMATE CHANGE IN NJ: The Urgent Case for a Moratorium on all Fossil Fuel Projects in New Jersey. The report shows what New Jersey needs to do to protect us from increased greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and help us deal with the affects of the climate crisis. This scientific study demonstrates why Governor Murphy needs to put a moratorium on fossil fuel projects in order to achieve NJ’s renewable energy goals – 100% renewable by 2050. We are in a climate crisis and we have to act.

Who: NJ State Legislators and other local officials, campaign leaders and advocates of Empower NJ Stop Fossil Fuel Projects.  Groups include New Jersey Sierra Club, Food & Water Watch, BlueWaveNJ, Green Faith, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, People Over Pipelines, Environment NJ, Clean Water Action, Don’t Gas the Meadowlands Coalition, and more. The Empower NJ campaign consists of nearly 60 environmental, grassroots, progressive, and faith groups across New Jersey.

What: Press Conference. Empower NJ-Stop Fossil Fuel Campaign will release their report on the adverse impacts of the 13 proposed NJ fossil fuel projects on climate and state’s plans to transition New Jersey to a cleaner and greener economy.

When: February 13, 2019 at 11:30 AM

Where: Annex Steps at the New Jersey Statehouse


A coalition of 58 environmental, citizen, faith, and progressive groups are part of a campaign called Empower NJ- NoFossil Fuel Projects Campaign. The campaign is calling on Governor Murphy to put a moratorium on new fossil fuel infrastructure until New Jersey has rules and standards in place to achieve our state’s 100% clean energy goals. Groups include: NJ Sierra Club, Green Faith, Food & Water Watch, Indivisibles, Environment NJ, BlueWaveNJ, People Over Pipelines, Clean Water Action, UU Faith Action NJ, Delaware Riverkeeper Network, Citizen Action and more.

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