Faison: Support Our Families by Helping Our Farmers

Asbury Park, NJ: Dominique Faison put her hat in the ring for the Eleventh Legislative District Assembly seat in order to give a voice to those who feel they have been forgotten.

The Asbury Park resident has spent her time on the campaign trail discussing a wide-variety of issues including actually housing the homeless, getting individuals greater access to mental health resources, raising families, children, and entire communities out of poverty…just to name a few.

“Every election year, we hear the same sound bytes, the same talking points, the same blame game,” says Faison. “We have people of all ages, all walks of life who simply need some type of help.”

Faison has made advocating for children a priority in her campaign. The candidate points to a USDA report released earlier this fall that declared we had a nine-percent increase in Americans who suffer from food insecurity from 2019 to 2020, with the number reaching 38 million Americans, with many of them being children.

“According to the USDA study, we have 12 million children in this country who suffer from food insecurity…as the most densely populated state in the country, many of them are here in New Jersey,” asserts Faison. “Lately, we are hearing a lot about supply chain issues on the news…these issues aren’t new, they have been happening since the beginning of 2021 causing problems for families everywhere.”
The LD11 candidate is seeking to implement solutions that would involve the local community uniting around the local farmers to help with food insecurity. “The best way for government to solidify the food chain is to ensure the local farmers have what they need to continue to produce the delicious and nutritious food they work so hard to provide the public,” says Faison. “Our farmers are essential to us solving our food insecurity problem.” Faison also points out the “Farm-to-Table” concept is a great way to increase better nutritional value into children’s diets (assisting with combatting future health issues), provide local schools with healthier meal options, as well as helping local restaurants with current supply chain/price disruptions.

“If we can give the farmers the right type and amount of assistance, we can begin to solve the problems we are facing,” asserts Faison. “It goes back to something so basic…it started with a little help…”
The Faison Campaign can be reached for comment at faison4nj@gmail.com.

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