Flanagan Welcomes Another ‘Democrat-Lite’ Candidate To The Race


Flanagan Welcomes Another ‘Democrat-Lite’ Candidate To The Race

Flanagan is the only candidate in the race working to build a ‘MAGA majority’


LAWRENCEVILLE – After learning an attorney, Stuart Meissner, announced he has formed an exploratory committee to consider getting into the 2020 U.S. Senate GOP primary announced Republican Senate candidate Tricia Flanagan said, “It looks like you can take the man out of the Democrat party, but you can’t take the Democrat out of the man.”

“While it’s been reported that Stuart Meissner became a Republican in 2016 after contributing $16 to President Donald Trump, one has to wonder exactly how conservative Mr. Meissner is,” Tricia Flanagan said. “As recently as July 5th Meissner took to Twitter to congratulate Melinda Katz on an apparent win in the Queens, NY District Attorney Democratic Primary. Katz, it was reported, ran as a progressive and had the backing of the Democratic Party machine politicians.”

“Unlike Meissner, you can be sure you won’t find me congratulating a Democrat running as a progressive on winning a primary,” Flanagan quipped.

“Unfortunately, if Meissner officially gets into this race he won’t be the only Democrat-lite candidate.” Flanagan explained, “Hirsh Singh comes with his own Democrat-lite credentials going back to June 4, 2009 when he declared his love for Barack Obama in a tweet, ‘Obama’s Cairo Speech was simply beautiful…simply beautiful.’ More recently, Singh showed how he lines up with Phil Murphy. As a candidate for governor Singh sent a tweet, ‘…Really thought you’d love my pro-marijuana legalization and criminal justice reform,’ and during his 2018 congressional campaign he lined up with Murphy on the PSEG bailout, the same PSEG that tried to give $55,000 to a dark money group to South Jersey Democratic party powerbroker George Norcross.”

“I can guarantee you won’t find me doing like Singh and praising Obama or aligning myself with Murphy or Norcross,” Flanagan remarked.

“Their own actions show both, Meissner and Singh, are Democrat-lite candidates. I’m proud to be the only pro-Trump candidate working to build a MAGA majority for our President in this race and look forward to carrying the Republican Party’s banner into the 2020 general election,” Flanagan said.

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