Freeholders Doug Cabana, Tom Mastrangelo and Kathy DeFillippo Endorsed County Wide by Republican Mayors, Town Council and Committee Members

Freeholders Doug Cabana, Tom Mastrangelo and Kathy DeFillippo Endorsed County Wide by Republican Mayors, Town Council and Committee Members

–Countywide Republican Mayors in Support of Team Morris 2019–

Parsippany, NJ – Today, Morris County Republican Freeholder candidates Doug Cabana, Tom
Mastrangelo and Kathy DeFillippo, running together as Team Morris 2019, have announced the
endorsements of town council and committee members from the following towns:

Town of Boonton
Board of Aldermen
• Michael Eoga
• James Lynch
• Mike Cardillo
• Cyril Wekilsky

Boonton Township
Mayor Michele Rankin
Township Committee
• Paul Allieri
• William Klingener
• Brian Honan
• Thomas Donadio

Borough of Butler
Mayor Robert Alviene
Borough Council
• Robert Meier
• Alex Calvi
• Robert Fox
• Robert Meier
• Stephen Regis

Chatham Township
Mayor Tayfun Selen
Township Committee
• Kevin Sullivan (Fmr.)
• Karen Schwartz

Borough of Chester
Mayor Janet Hoven

Township of Chester
Township Council
• Michael Inganamort
• Derek Moore
• Tim Drag
Township of Denville
Mayor Tom Andes
Township Council
• Stephanie Lyden
• John Murphy
• Nancy White
• Brian Bergen
• Gary Borowiec
• Glenn R. Buie
• Doug Gabel

Borough of Florham Park
Mayor Mark Taylor
Borough Council
• Charles Germershausen
• Charles Malone Jr.
• Tom Michalowski

Township of Hanover
Mayor Ron Francioli
Township Committee
• Deputy Mayor John Feromosca
• Thomas (Ace) Gallagher
• Brian Cahill
• Michael Mihalko

Township of Jefferson
Mayor Eric Wilsusen
Township Council
• Jay Dunham
• Melissa Senatore
• Robert Birmingham
• Kim Finnegan

Borough of Kinnelon
Mayor James Freda
Borough Council
• William Yago
• Vincent Russo
• James Lorkowski
• William Neely
• Randall Charles
• Glenn Sisco

Borough of Lincoln Park
Mayor David Runfeldt
Borough Council
• Council President Louis Pepe (ret)
• Gary Germian
• Daniel Moeller
• Ray Kerwin
• Ellen Ross
• Ann Thompson
• Jim Wild

Township of Long Hill
Mayor Matthew Dorsi
Township Committee
• Brendan Rae
• Bruce Meringolo
• Guy Piserchia
• Cornell Schuler, Jr.

Borough of Mendham
Mayor Neil Henry (Former)
Borough Council
• Steve Andrew
• David Sharkey
• John Andrews
• Brad Badal
• Brennan Reilly

Town of Mendham
Mayor Warren Gisser
Township Committee
• Richard P. Diegnan, Jr.
• Nicholas Monahan
• Sarah Niebart
• Frank Cioppettini (Fmr.)

Township of Mine Hill
Mayor Sam Morris
Township Council
• Bret Coranato
• David Bloom
• Debbie Giordano
• Kristine Kanzenbach
• Fred Willis

Montville Township
Mayor Richard Conklin
Township Committee
• Frank Cooney
• Richard Cook
• Matthew Kayne

Borough of Morris Plains
Borough Council
• Sal Cortese
• Art Bruhn

Township of Morris
Township Committee
• Peter Mancuso

Borough of Mount Arlington
Mayor Michael Stanzilis
Borough Council
• Robert Sorge
• John Windish
• Andrew Cangiano
• Lenorard Loughridge, Jr.
• John Delaney
• Stephen Sadow

Mount Olive Township
Mayor Rob Greenbaum
Township Council
• Joe Nicastro
• Daniel Amianda
• John Ferrante
• John Mania
• Greg Stewart

Borough of Mountain Lakes
• Dan Happer

Borough of Netcong
Mayor Joseph Nametko
Borough Council
• John Sylvester, Jr

Township of Parsippany – Troy Hills
Mayor James R. Barberio (Former)
Township Council
• Council President Paul Carifi
• Michael DePiero
• Loretta Gragnani
Council President Robert Peluso (Former)

Pequannock Township
Mayor David Kohle
Township Council
Melissa Florence-Lynch
Ryan Herd
Rich Phelan
Kyle Russell

Township of Randolph
Mayor James Loveys
Township Council
• Christine Carey
• Mark Forstenhausler
• Lou Nisivoccia
• Marie Potter
• Lance Tkacs
• Joanne Veech

Borough of Rockaway
Mayor Russ Greuter
Borough Council
• Thomas Mulligan
• Patrick McDonald
• John Willer, Jr.
• Melissa Burnside
• Robert Smith
• Joyce Kanigel

Borough of Riverdale
Mayor Paul Carelli
Borough Council
• Vincent Pellegrini
• Mike Kheyfets
• Matt Oswald
• Dave Desai
• Paul A. Purcell
• Stephen Revis

Roxbury Township
Mayor Bob DeFillippo
Township Council
• Jaki Albrecht
• Mark Crowley
• Fred Hall
• Jim Rilee
• Richard Zoschak

Township of Washington Township
Mayor Matt Murello
Township Council
• James LiaBraaten
• Gregg Forsbrey
• Bill Roehrich

Common Sense Fiscal Republicans with proven records of accomplishment, Freeholders
Cabana, Mastrangelo and DeFillippo, has guided the county to annual fiscal responsible budgets
including multiple ZERO % tax increases and reduced the county debt by tens of millions of
dollars while continuing to deliver responsive, quality services to all the residents of the county.
Morris County has been rated as one of the best run counties in the country by two leading
financial rating services and businesses, with county government creating an environment that
promotes growth and new jobs, here in Morris and more are coming each year.

The primary election is Tuesday, June 4, 2019

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