Fulop: Why I Declared to Run for Governor Early

I wanted to follow up last week’s email that I’ve decided to run for governor with a little more detail on why I decided to do it now.


I’m fully aware that critics will say “it’s too early” or “it’s too this” or “It’s too that.” So I figured I would answer that question directly with an explanation.


There are a couple reasons that drove this decision.


First, if the foundation for my candidacy is a platform to meaningfully improve New Jersey, then it must also be a platform that is based on honesty with you as a voter. That means not being cagey or disingenuous on whether I’m running or not. If I know in my heart I’m running for the right reasons, then it serves us both best to be clear and direct when I’m certain. Most people don’t take this approach and I want to start off with the proper foundation here.


Second, if we are going to build a grassroots structure together that will improve our state, regardless of whether we have the support (or not) of the traditional political structure that has existed in New Jersey for decades, then we must have the time necessary to build our campaign properly. That means starting the campaign early, the same way I did for mayor when I ran against the political establishment.


Third, I’m in this race to improve the state and that means it must be policy and idea driven. I’m a believer we are running for the right reasons and will move the state forward with policy and substance. If we are building a platform based on concrete ideas and not just platitudes then that takes time. Our agenda is to do that between now and Election Day – with your help.


Finally, there is no fall back position, no hedge, no political seat we are holding onto in the case this candidacy doesn’t work out. I know we are running for the right reasons and I hope you join us.



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