Giandomenico Declares Candidacy for Mayor, DeSiervo, & Conboy for Borough Council

Elmwood Park, NJ – Magdelana “Maggie” Giandomenico has announced her candidacy for Mayor of Elmwood Park along with Thomas DeSiervo and Thomas Conboy for Borough Council under the slogan “Strong Republican Leadership for Elmwood Park.”

Former Councilwoman Maggie Giandomenico, life-time resident Thomas DeSiervo and former Councilman Thomas Conboy will run in the Republican Primary in June and the General Election in November. Running on a platform of reigning in frivolous spending, ending political patronage hires and restoring fiscal discipline to Elmwood Park, all three are committed to providing accountable and competent local government.

“Our team is the best team to lead Elmwood Park into the future. We need to end one party-rule. The challenges facing our town, from having a Mayor who is not up to the task of leading our community, to every decision being politically driven, to the recovery following the tragic Marcal fire, we need a different direction for our town,” said Giandomenico, who is the Municipal Clerk in Park Ridge, NJ.

Council candidate Tom DeSiervo stated, “I grew up here, I participated in sports and activities, I worked for years with recreation here in town and now I want to give back to the community that raised me. Elmwood Park has its challenges, but because of a conservative approach and good fiscal management the Borough has been in a good position. Unfortunately, that has started to change under the current regime. We need a balanced approach that includes progress, but with fiscal discipline.”

“I look forward to knocking on doors and taking our message right to the voters of Elmwood Park. When I served as a Councilman, we improved our parks and athletic fields, secured many grants to help pave our roads, supported our first responders and provided good services, all while cutting costs at Borough Hall. This current Mayor and Council spends money like it grows on trees. It needs to stop and Maggie, Tom and I are up for this challenge.” commented Conboy.

Frank Baglieri will serve as the Strong Leadership for Elmwood Park Campaign Chairman and Barbara Dispoto as Campaign Treasurer.

“Diversity is an important part of our community. Elmwood Park has never had a female Mayor and Maggie will make a great one. Her experience on the Council, as a Borough Clerk and as someone who immigrated to America at a young age gives her a world of knowledge and experience. Tom DeSiervo is a young man who was raised here in town, his family is active and he comes at this from a different, but needed perspective. Tom Conboy is part of what makes this town a community as a volunteer and former Councilman. Collectively they will make a great team,” observed Chairman Baglieri.

“I’ve worked with each of these candidates on the Council and in local government. They are a group of educated and able candidates and will be an asset to the town,” said Dispoto, the former Deputy Municipal Clerk.

“Our team is ready to go. We will campaign hard and let the voters see the contrast between what we have to offer verse what is representing us now. We will return control of our local government to the residents and away from the political bosses and special interests that currently have a strangle hold on our town,” concluded Giandomenico.

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