Gilman, Parlamas and Clayton: Working Together, We Can Achieve So Much 

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Gilman, Parlamas and Clayton: Working Together, We Can Achieve So Much 

For Immediate Release: October 19, 2021 

Ocean Township, Monmouth County As we have been listening to voters from across our dynamic and diverse town, the questions and concerns we hear from voters are fairly consistent across the board, regardless of whom we are talking to. They want to have their feedback valued and listened to; they want people who can roll up their sleeves and work with people with whom they may or may not agree on many issues. The Experience Matters Team of Irene Gilman, Denise Parlamas, and Steve Clayton has the track record to show that level of collaboration with their previous service to the community in various ways, both on and off the School Board. 

The School Board may have nine individuals elected as individual members; however, once on the School Board, they must work together to produce results for our students, staff, parents, and community members. A Board does this by building and sustaining good relations with all the stakeholders in the community, whether they agree with everything those stakeholders say or not. We all live in the same town. We see each other in the supermarket; we are there for each other in times, good and bad. That is one of the primary definitions of community, and we are proud to do our part to bring people together and not just tolerate differences but respect them and see where there is room for common ground. 

As Andrew Carnegie said, “My heart is in the work.” The Experience Matters team has demonstrated over the years that each of us adheres to that philosophy. We will work with everyone regardless of where they come from or where they stand on a particular issue to achieve the common good for the Ocean Schools. In the years ahead, working together, let’s see what collaborative leadership can continue to produce for our town and its schools.  



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