Gov. Murphy Signs Historic Legislation for Clean Transportation in NJ: Many Sectors in the State Celebrating

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Gov. Murphy Signs Historic Legislation for Clean Transportation in NJ:

Many Sectors in the State Celebrating

Trenton, NJ (January 17, 2020) – Today Governor Phil Murphy signed an ambitious omnibus electric vehicle bill (S2252/A4819), which was endorsed with bi-partisan support, as urged on by diverse interests, including business and labor leaders, environmentalists, auto dealers, faith-based and grassroots community organizers and utility companies, among others.  The law incentivizes use of electric vehicles for private use and sets metrics for public fleets to reduce the greatest single source of harmful greenhouse gas emissions and positions New Jersey as a national leader for this clean technology.

“This law, in addition to catapulting New Jersey to a top EV market in the nation, also provides the statutory framework for several strategic market initiatives already underway.  This law will accelerate and boost these efforts and is a clear statement to the markets that New Jersey is open for clean mobility business!” said Pam Frank, CEO, ChargEVC.

“Governor Murphy signed the most significant legislation in more than 15 years to reduce air pollutants and global warming pollution from our cars and trucks since the passage of the Clean Cars bill in 2004. This bill will make New Jersey a leading state in electrifying our transportation sector and move towards a future of zero tailpipe emissions from our vehicles,” said Doug O’Malley, director of Environment New Jersey. “This bill is a huge step to put us on the road to meet our Clean Cars mandates and puts NJ Transit on par with more than 60 transit agencies across America that have committed to electrifying their bus fleets.”

“Today is a great day for all New Jerseyan’s thanks to Governor Murphy’s signature of the bipartisan EV Bill,” said Ed Potosnak, Executive Director of New Jersey League of Conservation Voters“This bill helps transition families and public transportation from dirty, fossil fuel burning vehicles to clean, electric vehicles reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, improving public health, and saving New Jerseyan’s money.”

“We thank Governor Murphy and the legislative sponsors for their bold vision. The EV bill is exactly the type of forward-thinking policy step that is urgently needed to address both the growing risk associated with climate change, and to capitalize on the upside opportunity in building a clean energy economy,” said Richard Lawton, executive director of the NJ Sustainable Business Council. “Today’s enactment is a major milestone toward stimulating an increase in the demand for, and supply of EV’s that will help speed the transition to a more vibrant, sustainable and equitable economy.”

“The future Is now! Thank you Governor Murphy for signing this important bill that will lead to significant reductions of greenhouse gases and air pollution. In the absence of federal action, it is critical states take the lead on ways to combat the climate crisis. Make no mistake about it, this bill puts New Jersey on the map as an East Coast leader on electric vehicles and with it the potential to bring good manufacturing jobs to NJ,” said Debra Coyle McFadden, executive director of New Jersey Work Environment Council. “This bill is good for our health, economy and the environment. Kudos!”

“The passage of the EV bill solidifies New Jersey’s place as a leader in climate change mitigation and recognizes the need to take concrete action to save our communities from the looming threat,” said Norah Langweiler, Jersey Renews campaign organizer. “The electrification goals for NJ Transit included in the bill ensures that the benefits of electrification are felt throughout the state – and particularly in the most densely populated areas with some of the worst air quality. Thank you Governor Murphy for making this the law of the land.”

“New Jersey, which was the first state in the country to pass Clean Cars standards legislatively more than 15 years ago, reaffirmed its commitment to meeting the goals of the program through the passage of the legislation,” said Reverend Tuff, organizer at GreenFaith. New Jersey has joined California and a multitude of other states to defend the program legally from regulatory attacks from the Trump Administration.”

“We support the Electric Vehicle bill because it joins our mandate to be good stewards of the earth with our call to care for the most vulnerable among us,” said Liz Cohen and Rabbi Ethan Prosnit, co-chairs of Reform Jewish Voice of New Jersey. “By creating infrastructure for EV’s and moving municipal fleets and public transportation to clean electric vehicles, we will improve the quality of the air we breathe and the health and wellbeing of those most impacted by dense urban living.  We must act with urgency and foresight to fight the dramatic impacts of climate change, and this is a key step.  We thank Governor Murphy and our legislators for their leadership to move NJ forward.”


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