Green is the only candidate who can beat the Democrats in November

The New Jersey Statehouse.

Green is the only candidate who can beat the Democrats in November

Over the past few weeks I have taken the time to observe, research and communicate with each of the five candidates vying for the Republican nomination for the 10th Legislative District Assembly seat.
As a Brick Republican it has always been important to me to nominate a candidate from Brick.  I then considered what our Assembly candidate and our party will be up against in the November election.  The same ‘Blue Wave’ that took our beloved Congressman Tom MacArthur from us and re-elected corrupt Senator Bob Menendez is gearing up for another big fight.
This year we have to nominate the strongest candidate to take on the Democrats in November, regardless of which neighborhood the candidate resides in.  As each of us decide on a candidate we should only consider three things: the ideas they put forward, the strength of their record and their ability to fund the election battle the Democrats are readying.
D’Arcy Rohan Green is by far the only candidate in this race who can beat the Democrats in November.  The detailed platform she put out is a clear blueprint to fix New Jersey.  A self-funder, she will have the resources to fend off Democrat challengers in every corner of Ocean County.  And most importantly, she has an immaculate record of winning elections and governing in Bay Head.

Michael C.
Brick, New Jersey


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