Henderson: Sewer Budget Stinks of More Irresponsible Gimmicks by Yaede and her Cronies. This Time the S*&T hits the fan!

Sewer Budget Stinks of More Irresponsible Gimmicks by Yaede and her Cronies. This Time the S*&T hits the fan!

Another day, another attempt by Kelly Yaede to fleece the hardworking taxpayers of Hamilton Township.

When will she learn, Hamiltonians have become wise to her gimmicks and games? After raising our property taxes over 15% and then feeling so inclined to reward herself with a 20% salary increase, for raising our taxes ……… “We the People” have had enough of her s&*t!

The Yaede administration is proposing $17.8 million in total sewer utility appropriations for 2019, which is 7 percent less than the $19.1 million in total appropriations from last year’s budget.

The Hamilton Council hosted a budget workshop meeting Tuesday in which Carrie Feuer, director of Hamilton’s WPC utility, testified about the administration’s proposed 2019 sewer budget.

“On one specific budget item, sewer plant electricity, the Director testified that she thought she had a $400,000 line item; the budget she saw for the first time on April 22, 2019, was $200,000 which she said the sewer plant would ‘blow by’ considering they spent $367,000 in 2018 on electricity for the plant.”

To think that somehow their PSE&G bill was going to drop by nearly $200K is as crazy as to think that Kelly Yaede is going to be re-elected again in November!  It’s not going to happen!

Again……they are willing to throw the baby out with the bathwater with their budget gimmicks because this is an election year.

I have been pointing out for nearly 2 years that this administration has been cooking the books and this gimmick that they got their hand caught in the cookie jar with…is  just one more in a long list of examples that they couldn’t run a lemonade stand……..let alone the 8th largest municipality in New Jersey as the “Ribbon Cutter in Chief” loves refer to Hamilton as.

Kelly Yaede and her entire administration is incompetent!

That is why I could no longer sit by idly and decided to run for Mayor in the Republican Primary.

The Murphy Democrats want to tax us to death…………the Yaede Republicans are corrupt and incompetent.

My name is David Henderson.  I am the only common sense, conservative, Republican candidate and I am humbly asking for your support on June 4, 2019.

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