Hispanic Leader Issues Response to Somerset GOP Attack Mailer

Following the example of their leader at the top of the ticket, Republican candidates running for local office have no positive message to tell voters and instead are turning to Trump/Bannon style of politics to create fear of immigrants in their local communities.  This is their “salvo” strategy to win votes from extremist conservative voters at a time that independent voters in NJ are looking for candidates with a vision to solve their everyday problems. 

It is not just Guadagno’s TV ad calling immigrant criminals that smells of insensitive politics. Mailers sent to people’s homes attacking candidates who happen to be Latinos or Asians, are now days full of half-truths and allegations linking ethnic heritage to support for “criminals” and of disruption of “the quality of life” of their neighborhoods.  Such a divisive attack was launched recently by Brett Radi, Brian Levine, and Brian Gallagher, republican candidates running for office in Somerset County, in mailer financed and supported by the NJ State Republican Committee.  By referring to a young Latino candidate, Alex Avellan, as a threat to “Somerset County’s special quality of life,” the Republican party in NJ was willing to finance division and fear of immigrants as a tactic to gain a few votes. 

Trump/Bannon style politics have no place in NJ, one of the most diverse states in the country and a place where many nationalities call home.  The case of Alex Avellan, an accomplished young attorney who has worked diligently to server his community, represents another tragic reminder of how diligent we must remain in the face of bigotry and racism.  

Somerset voters, as well as NJ voters, are tired of divisive politics. Avellan, like many other accomplished American citizens of immigrant descent, have the best skill to offer to Sommerset and NJ voters, a vision and the commitment to continue to build an inclusive community for all New Jerseyans to build their own version of the American dream. 

Patricia Campos-Medina 

President, LUPE PAC 

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