Holley Campaign calls for Debate



Holley Campaign calls for Debate

Our campaign has reached out to Senator Joseph Cyran’s campaign twice in the last 3 weeks to invite him to participate with Assemblyman Jamel Holley in a public debate for the benefit of the voters in the 20th district. We offered to engage with them on format and location. The response: NONE. Unlike our opponent, we strongly believe that the voters deserve to hear from us on the important issues. They deserve to analyze our records and conduct while in office. For our opponent to totally ignore this invitation tells us all we need to know.  Why would a near 12 year in office legislator be afraid of a public debate? Could it be that he does not want the voters to know that he has amassed an abysmal legislative record in all that time? Or perhaps he may not want to discuss something he has amassed quite a bit of: taxpayer funded jobs for 9 of his family members. Our invitation still stands Senator, it only requires a simple call!

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