House Democrats Unveil A Better Deal to Rebuild America

House Democrats Unveil A Better Deal to Rebuild America

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, House Democrats announced a bold, new, comprehensive infrastructure plan – A Better Deal to Rebuild America. This historic $1 trillion federal investment to rebuild our crumbling infrastructure is five times larger than President Trump’s rumored plan and will create more than 16 million jobs.

A Better Deal to Rebuild America will boost local economies and generate billions of dollars in new economic activity without adding to the deficit. The infrastructure plan will invest in American iron and steel and new American-made green infrastructure materials to support good-paying jobs, and ensure opportunities for small business owners. The plan will ensure projects advance quickly, while maintaining key environmental protections and labor standards.

“A Better Deal to Rebuild America means bold ideas, bipartisan agreement and historic investment to rebuild and revive our crumbling infrastructure,” said Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi.  “While Trump boasts about his paltry plan, Democrats are committed to lowering costs, increasing safety and convenience and unlock the economic potential of every community.”

“Our infrastructure was once the envy of the world. It propelled our economy, created good jobs, and expanded opportunity for working people. But today, our infrastructure ranks behind countries like Singapore and the United Arab Emirates. It’s time for A Better Deal to Rebuild America,” said Democratic Policy & Communications Committee Co-Chair Rep. David Cicilline. “This is a serious, realistic plan to deliver results for the American people by investing real federal resources to fix roads, modernize schools, enhance aviation and rail, lower energy costs, protect drinking water, and expand broadband access.”


“If the Administration wants bipartisan support they must offer an infrastructure plan that strengthens the Federal commitment to our national transportation network by providing sustainable, long-term funding, and filling the crater in the Highway Trust Fund,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Ranking Member Peter DeFazio. “President Trump cannot pretend to solve our infrastructure woes by slashing real investments to States and local governments, pushing the responsibility off Federal balance sheets, cutting existing transportation programs to pay for Wall Street and foreign investors to toll our roads, and gutting bedrock environmental protections. Democrats have offered common sense proposals that would invest $1 trillion in the Nation’s crumbling roads, bridges, transit systems, ports, harbors, and airports and put millions of people to work. I urge President Trump to work with Democrats to find sustainable solutions, rather than sell off our valuable infrastructure to the lowest bidder.”

“Our A Better Deal to Rebuild America invests in America’s future – a future that will increasingly rely on high-speed internet,” Energy and Commerce Ranking Member Frank Pallone, Jr. said.  “High-speed broadband means stronger small businesses, more jobs and a powerful economy.  It’s time to connect the rural and urban areas that have been left behind.”


“Democrats believe that any comprehensive infrastructure plan must support needed improvements in school facilities. No child should learn, and no teacher should teach, in an unsafe or dilapidated learning environment,” said Education and Workforce Ranking Member Bobby Scott. “We know that poor school facility conditions impact teaching and learning and disproportionately plague schools that serve low-income and minority students. The Rebuild America’s Schools Act is a better deal for America’s students and workers because it will advance educational equity, create almost two million construction jobs protected by federal prevailing wage standards, and boost domestic manufacturing under Buy America mandates.”

“It’s no secret that America’s infrastructure is falling apart and falling behind, with funding shortfalls totaling trillions of dollars,” said Rep. Earl Blumenauer. “This crisis demands that we strengthen the federal partnership and invest in our communities to rebuild and renew America. It’s not that hard if we work with the vast array of stakeholders that are willing to step up to do their part in the federal government’s investment.”

“I’m pleased to stand with my colleagues for a better infrastructure for our country,” Rep. Elizabeth Esty said. “We are a country that does great things, yet lately we’ve seen too many examples – from pipes bursting at JFK International Airport to congestion on I-84 in my home state of Connecticut – of aging, ailing infrastructure hindering our potential for growth. We should be able to work together to get something done to improve our roads, rails, bridges, water, airports, and our ‘infostructure’ like broadband to strengthen America’s future.”

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