House Republican Leader Endorses Rosemary Becchi for NJ 11th Congressional District

Should Rosemary Becchi and Tom Kean Jr. compete for the GOP nomination for the Congressional District 7 race next year, Becchi feels that she has a decent chance of winning, as average voters like having a choice and care more about the issues and their lives instead of political dynasties.

House Republican Leader Endorses Rosemary Becchi for NJ 11th Congressional District

Morristown, NJ  –  Rosemary Becchi, the GOP candidate running to take back New Jersey’s 11th District Congressional seat, was given a strong endorsement today by House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy.

“Rosemary represents the best of what our party can offer in American leadership — a savvy, educated mother of three who understands the pressures faced by American families concerned about affordable education, healthcare and keeping their communities safe. She also is an experienced advocate for lower taxes for families and a hard-working professional who understands what it takes to get things done in Washington. Rosemary is someone with the dedication to purpose required to be an effective member of Congress and she has the right talents necessary to develop solutions to this nation’s problems and to build the type of consensus required to see those solutions come to fruition. I am proud to endorse her run for New Jersey’s 11th District seat, where voters already are embracing her campaign and looking forward to her election in the fall.”

The endorsement comes less than two weeks after Rosemary was added to the National Republican Congressional Committee’s “Young Guns” list by McCarthy. Formally known as the NRCC’s “On the Radar” list, the program identifies leading Republican candidates who are eligible for technical, institutional, and financial support from the GOP.

Rosemary announced her campaign earlier last month to unseat Democrat Mikie Sherrill in the 11th District.

With more than 25 years experience in public policy and the law, Rosemary has built a reputation as a leading tax policy advocate. She is widely known for founding and leading Jersey First, a non-profit organization with the mission to educate and advocate for policy solutions to lower taxes, reduce government spending and help put the Garden State’s economy back on track.  Rosemary began championing for lower taxes on families with her work on writing the 529 College Savings Law to help families afford college. She is running to protect senior citizens from being shortchanged by foolhardy efforts to expand Medicare to all and to protect the nation’s private sector jobs and businesses from misguided, economy-killing regulations proposed in radical plans to address climate change.

While Rosemary has achieved a highly successful professional career, her family has always been her priority. Rosemary and her husband, Scott, are often found at their three daughters’ hockey games, dance practice, or preparing for her weekly Sunday dinners with her sister, brother, niece and nephews.

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