Hudson County Republicans Mourn George Floyd’s Death, Call for Alonso to Step Aside and Praise Miami Mayor’s Leadership

Jersey City-The Hudson County Republican leadership team see current events as pushing necessary change while at the same time needing to preserve the rule of law.

“We mourn the unconscionable killing of George Floyd due to a police officer that abused his power and should have been thrown off the force years ago for prior issues. At the same time, we echo Mr. Floyd’s brothers calls for calm. We believe American cities have become out of control with rioting and destruction of property, particularly in nearby New York City. We are glad Hudson County residents are protesting peacefully. We need to restore law and order across America.” the leadership team stated.

In the same vein, after speculating wildly on Facebook about riots in the City of Bayonne and making racially charged comments, The Hudson County Republican leadership call on School Board Trustee Michael Alonso to resign from the board. This is after his fellow trustees asked for him to step aside at an emergency meeting Tuesday morning. If Mr. Alonso refuses to leave office and actually seeks re-election this fall, the Hudson County and Bayonne Republican parties will endorse another qualified candidate to defeat Mr. Alonso.

“This is not the first time Mr. Alonso has acted like this. In fact, we did not support him or any of his running mates the last three years. But it is clear he is unfit to serve on the board.” The leadership team concluded.

Finally, the Republicans praise Miami Mayor Francis Suarez, one of the few big-city Republican Mayors, for his very good handling of the current crisis. Unlike other cities, Miami has had very little violence or property destruction and should be an example of how to navigate the situation.


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