Imani Oakley Announces Massive Grassroots Fundraising Numbers; Outraises Donald Payne Jr. 2:1

Imani Oakley Announces Massive Grassroots Fundraising Numbers; Outraises Donald Payne Jr. 2:1

Oakley raised $136,983.28 from over 1,500 donors, representing 47 states and Washington, D.C. 100%
of the money raised came from individual contributions. Over 90% of the donors contributed less than
$200, and the average donation was $74.

Montclair, NJ — Despite Payne Jr.’s reliance on corporate donors, Imani Oakley, progressive candidate for Congress in N.J.’s 10th Congressional District, has exceeded Payne Jr.’s fundraising total in either his first, second, or third quarters of 2021. This most recent filing shows that Oakley doubled Payne Jr.’s third-quarter haul Oakley announced Friday that her campaign raised $136,983.28 in her first filing since announcing her run for office. Impressively, that number is entirely made up of individual donor

“The people of New Jersey’s 10th District are ready for change,” Oakley said. “Our fundraising numbers show that voters are energized by our grassroots progressive campaign. I’m so proud of our movement and what we were able to accomplish this quarter.”

In addition to an impressive total fundraising amount, the Oakley campaign also highlighted several numbers differentiating Rep. Payne Jr.’s donor base and theirs.

In his Q3 filing, Payne Jr. reported 76 percent of his donations as coming from PACs, while in total this cycle, that number has been over 70 percent. Less than a third of Payne Jr.’s historic contributions have come from New Jersey, while Payne Jr.’s historic average donation was $1,177 compared to $74 for Oakley.

Payne Jr.’s campaign disclosures also show that he has accepted donations from controversial special interests such as oil pipeline lobbyists, real estate developers, pharmaceutical conglomerates, and anti-union corporations despite public calls asking him to reject these donations. On the other hand, Oakley has vowed not to take any corporate PAC money and has signed the #NoFossilFuelMoney pledge to reject all fossil fuel PAC donations.

“Payne Jr. has spent a decade serving his corporate backers,” Oakley said. “Our communities have seen that and given their grassroots donations to the candidate who will actually fight for their interest.”

Imani Oakley is a Brand New Congress-endorsed candidate, long-time political organizer, and pro-democracy activist running for Congress in New Jersey’s 10th Congressional District. The seat covers parts of Essex, Union, and Hudson counties. Her time working in New Jersey political spaces has made one thing clear: our state suffers from rabid corruption. Her campaign is dedicated to ending this system and lifting up working-class communities.

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