In Just Over A Month, Kim Guadagno Raises Amount To Qualify For Matching Funds

In Just Over A Month, Kim Guadagno Raises Amount To Qualify For Matching Funds

March 1, 2017
West Long Branch, NJ – Today, Kim Guadagno’s campaign for governor announced it has raised more than $430,000 since January 17, enough to qualify for 2:1 matching funds from the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission.

“Meeting this important fundraising goal just over a month after launching our campaign shows that New Jerseyans are eager to support Kim Guadagno’s campaign and her positive message for the future,” said Dave Huguenel, campaign manager for Guadagno for Governor. “With strong financial backing, endorsements in all 21 counties and a plan to make New Jersey better through lower taxes and auditing Trenton, the Lieutenant Governor is well positioned to win the primary in June and defeat the tax and spend Democrats in November.”

To qualify for public matching funds in the 2017 gubernatorial primary, a campaign must raise a minimum of $430,000 in addition to providing expenses or commitments of at least $430,000. Guadagno for Governor will present all of the required paperwork and submissions to the Election Law Enforcement Commission to qualify for public funding in the coming days.

Once approved by the commission, Guadagno’s campaign will be eligible to receive $2 for every dollar raised during the primary election. The maximum public match during the 2017 primary is $4 million.

By accepting public funds, Guadagno has also agreed to participate in at least two primary election debates.

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