Javahn Walker Announces CD6 Primary Bid Against Pallone

Statement from Javahn Walker:

‘I am happy to announce my candidacy for the Democratic nomination for Congress in NJ’s 6th Congressional District. For too long, this district has seen stagnation due to the current representation and the people are tired of the status quo. They deserve better and with change in leadership, progress is just one vote away. As the candidate with fresh and new ideas compared to the status quo that voters have been used to for too long, I am ready for the challenge. The people deserve a Representative that will guarantee healthcare as a human right by endorsing Medicare for All, combat the current climate crisis by supporting the Green New Deal, refuse from the corporations and executives that put profits before people, and stand for the ethical integrity of our political system.

From the dense populations of Middlesex County to the shore towns of Monmouth County, NJ’s 6th Congressional district has unlimited potential & can be the district that takes New Jersey forward with new leadership. But with the career politicians that praise their years of experience but lack the legislation to justify their long tenure, the people cannot continue hearing empty promises. They want a change and I have the record of providing that change to voters.

In 2018, we gave Democratic voters their first choice since 1994 in which Democrat they wanted to send to Congress to represent them. And in 2020, we’re here to finish the job and take CD-6 to the next level.

For too long, the people have been silenced and I am ready to be the voice of the voiceless. This campaign is about bringing the change that people have asked for time and time again. I’m Javahn Walker and I’m here to fight for you. For years, our current representation has been all talk. But with our campaign, it’s time for action.’

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