Jersey City Resident Starts Petition to Legalize and Decriminalize Marijuana in NJ

Statement from Jersey City resident Elvin Espinal:

Jersey City, New Jersey March 25th, 2019 – I started a petition to help Legalize Marijuana in NJ. It has already surpassed 100 signatures. I am a 20+ year resident of NJ, a college graduate, and a contributing citizen of our society.

Recreational marijuana legislation, medical marijuana reform, and expungement legislation was up for a vote today in the Senate and Assembly. However, the vote was cancelled due to not having enough votes in the senate.

NJ’s own Governor, Phil Murphy, is in full support of this bill. From recent polls, over 60% of NJ residents showed that they wish to support this bill.

This petition is to show and convince our New Jersey Legislature that NJ residents wish to approve this bill.

We want our New Jersey Legislature to speak for the people of their districts and not themselves, their own personal interests or hidden agendas.’

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