LD 17 Senate Candidate Kipnis Upbraids Danielsen’s Failure to Address Root Cause of NJ’s Affordability Crisis in Utility Shut-Off Notice Bill

LD17 State Senate Candidate Daryl Kipnis (R-Somerset) took to Facebook on Wednesday to address incumbent LD17 Assemblyman Joe Danielsen (D-Somerset)’s bill A3826, which passed in the Assembly Telecommunications and Utilities Committee on June 19, 2017, which would prohibit public utilities from terminating service for nonpayment unless the customer is provided a certified letter at least 10 business days prior to scheduled termination date, as a textbook Trenton “attempt” to treat the symptoms rather than the root cause of the affordability crisis facing New Jerseyans, a critical issue in this upcoming November election.

While acknowledging that the bill appears to be well-intentioned, Kipnis cited Asm. Danielsen’s vote in favor of the 23 cent gas tax increase which took effect in October 2016 as a contributing factor to the inability of NJ residents to pay their utility bills in the first instance.

Kipnis further argued that requiring public utilities to send certified mailings prior to disconnection of service for non-payment would impose an unnecessarily costly burden upon them which would likely result in them seeking rate increases to be passed onto financially-strained New Jersey residents.

Kipnis pledged that he and his LD17 GOP Assembly running mates, Robert Quinn and Nadine Wilkins, who are also parents of young children and first-time candidates for office hailing from Franklin Township, will work around the clock once elected to keep as much money as possible in the hands of taxpayers, and make New Jersey affordable for all in which to live, drawing contrast to Danielsen, Sen. Bob Smith (D-Middlesex) and Asm. Joe Egan (D-Middlesex), all incumbents that have served multiple terms in the Legislature while the NJ affordability crisis mounted, and all of whom voted for the gas tax increase, whom they face in the November 7th General Election.
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