LD17 Senate Candidate Daryl Kipnis Endorsed By The League of Humane Voters Of New Jersey

Daryl Kipnis, the Republican candidate for the New Jersey State Senate in the 17th Legislative District, is honored to have earned the endorsement of The League Of Humane Voters Of New Jersey (LOHV-NJ), making him the only GOP legislative challenger to an incumbent Democrat in the November 7th General Election to receive this honor.

Daryl has championed 2 major pieces of proposed animal protection legislation as part of his platform: amending the State’s rabies law to permit exemptions from revaccination of dogs in the event a blood titer demonstrates immunity to prevent over-vaccination, which he is working with renowned veterinarian Dr. John Robb, DVM to accomplish; and an Animal Justice reform initiative that will enable owners of an abused animal to recover non-economic damages, punitive damages, and attorney’s fees in civil actions brought against responsible parties. He and his wife, Rochelle Kipnis, also facilitate an unofficial local rescue volunteer group that assists residents of Franklin Township and the surrounding area become reunited with their lost pets.

Daryl discussed his legislative proposals in his October 25, 2017 debate vs. Senator Bob Smith, who, when asked about his plans to protect animal rights, talked about overpopulation of deer and geese, demonstrating his lack of compassion. Animal rights activists have long targeted Smith for his inhumane policy agenda, which include removing restrictions on beaver trapping, allowing commercial logging of State forest land, and attempts to legalize unsportsmanlike and unethical deer hunting practices such as baiting and “jacklighting,” which are illegal in other States.

“Residents of the 17th Legislative District, notably in Sen. Smith’s hometown of Piscataway, are all-too-familiar with the displacement of deer and other woodland creatures as a result of the destruction of green spaces for profit by big developers that my opponent counts amongst his private law firm clients and campaign donors. Unlike him, I am committed to honor the bonds between all living creatures, and I respectfully request the support and vote of all animal lovers and pet owners in Franklin, Milltown, New Brunswick, North Brunswick & Piscataway on Election Day this November 7th,” said Kipnis.

Daryl’s campaign can be followed on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Kipnis17 and can be reached via email at kipnisforstatesenate@gmail.com.

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