LD8 Assembly Candidate Gina LaPlaca Calls For 9/11 Remembrance Law


(Marlton) – Assembly candidate Gina LaPlaca is calling for legislation that would mandate that New Jersey’s public schools allow for a moment of silence on the anniversary of the September 11th attacks.

“As hard as it is to believe, this year’s class of high school seniors have no real memory of that day, and their younger siblings may not be aware of it at all.” Added Ms. LaPlaca, “I worry that it [the September 11th attacks] and our collective promise to “Never Forget” will eventually be remembered more as a tagline than for what transpired on that day.”

The call for legislation mirrors a law that passed in New York state this year on the 9th of September. Speaking at a memorial service held by the 200 Club at the Trinity Episcopal Church in Moorestown, Ms. LaPlaca praised the passage of the law and believes that New Jersey should follow suit.

“The intent is to encourage dialogue and education in the classroom and to ensure that future generations understand the historical significance and impact of the events of 9/11.”

Over 700 New Jerseyans lost their lives that day, the 2nd most lives lost out of any state. Ms. LaPlaca, herself a survivor of the attack, wants not only to ensure that their lives and the sacrifices of the first responders are never forgotten but to also ensure that future generations remember how people came together.

“That I am here today is thanks not only to the courage of our first responders but also to the strangers who helped me. The random people who took their time to ensure that I and many others made it out safely.”

“People came together in a way that, honestly, can feel almost alien given today’s climate. If a law like this can not only help future generations remember this day but also help us reflect on how we came together in the face of horror & tragedy, I see no reason why our state shouldn’t enact it. It just seems like the right thing to do.”


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