Legislators Urge Support for NJ Transit Electrification through Clean Energy Fund in FY25 Budget Resolution

Trenton – More than 10 legislators are supporting Sen. Andrew Zwicker’s Budget Resolution S4468 to ensure that $70 million of Clean Energy Fund dollars are rightfully allocated to NJ Transit bus electrification capital projects, as specified in past budget language. The legislative support has also been supported by more than 40 organizations with the Jersey Renews coalition with allies from labor, faith, community, and environmental organizations calling on state legislators to ensure dedicated funds are being used for their intended purposes to fund NJ Transit bus electrification projects.

“The Clean Energy Fund was created to shift New Jersey to clean, renewable energy and fight off the effects of air pollution and climate change. By diverting these dollars from their original purpose, we exacerbate public health and social inequities tied to the impacts of pollution,” said Senator Andrew Zwicker, prime sponsor of the budget resolution. “We need to make sure that NJ Transit has the necessary funds to move forward with their bus electrification mandate to update ancient bus garages to allow them to charge electric buses to ensure we are cleaning up our air in overburdened communities. I look forward to working with my colleagues to achieve those goals in this year’s budget cycle.”

Despite New Jersey’s ambitious goals to achieve a cleaner, more sustainable future with the transition to clean energy, Gov. Phil Murphy’s proposed FY25 budget allocates $70 million from the Fund to support NJ Transit’s operating budget. To date, nearly $2 billion has been diverted from the Fund by current and former administrations, rather than being invested to address climate change challenges.

“The bottom line is our public transportation system needs critical updates to meet the needs and demands of our community while maintaining public health. I am proud to support Senator Zwicker’s resolution to allocate funds to electric NJ Transit buses in order to address climate change,” said Sen. Vin Gopal.

Supporters of the budget resolution including Sen. Vin Gopal, Sen. Linda Greenstein, Sen. Andrew Zwicker, Sen. Patrick Diegnan, Sen. Raj Mukherji, Sen. Britnee Timberlake and Asw. Shama Haider, Asw. Jessica Ramirez, Asw. Alixon Collazos-Gill and Asw. Garnet Hall.

“NJ Transit bus electrification is crucial to removing the chokehold that emissions have on our communities, making it harder for us to breathe and live healthy lives,” said Senator Raj Mukherji (D-32). “This investment will have a positive ROI in avoided healthcare costs and a reduction in expenditures on recovering from superstorms like Sandy and I am proud to advocate for this budget resolution.”

Ensuring these dollars are invested appropriately is critical to expand a variety of programs to reduce air pollution, improve public health disparities, develop clean and renewable energy sources, lower electricity bills, and create good, family-sustaining jobs.

“Redirecting money from the Clean Energy Fund to New Jersey Transit electrification isn’t just about modernizing infrastructure; it’s a commitment to a sustainable future. Every dollar invested in clean energy initiatives not only powers trains but fuels our journey toward a more resilient tomorrow. It’s imperative that we use this money for its intended purpose, honoring our duty to both the environment and the riders who depend on reliable service that prioritizes their health and safety,” said Assemblywoman Shama Haider (D-37).

Residents exposed to greater levels of air pollution, which consistently fall along race and class lines, are disproportionately burdened with detrimental health impacts that Fund investments are meant to address.

“I am proud to sign on to Senator Zwicker’s budget resolution. Districts like mine rely heavily on public transportation, and my constituents cannot wait to have clean air to breathe. Bus electrification is crucial and deserving of this investment,” said Assemblywoman Jessica Ramirez (D-31).

“Moving to bus electrification is going to require more infrastructure, and this is a great way to fund that transition,” said Asw. Alixon Collazos-Gill (D-27).

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