Local Police Chiefs Endorse Chief Thomas Adamo for Passaic County Sheriff

Local Police Chiefs Endorse Chief Thomas Adamo for Passaic County Sheriff

Passaic County, NJ – Local police chiefs from Haledon, Woodland Park, and West Milford have come forward to extend their support to Chief Thomas Adamo in his candidacy for Passaic County Sheriff in the upcoming primary election on June 4, 2024.

Chief Angelo J. Daniele of Haledon has expressed his endorsement and highlighted Chief Thomas Adamo’s extensive experience and unwavering dedication within the Sheriff’s Office. Chief Daniele also highlighted Chief Adamo’s impressive career and commitment to community-oriented policing principles.

In a letter of support from West Milford’s Chief Shannon Sommerville, he highlighted Chief Adamo’s leadership abilities and his proactive approach to law enforcement. Chief Sommerville highlighted Chief Adamo qualities, which are essential for the role of Passaic County Sheriff, including his integrity, sound judgment, and ability to engage effectively with the community.

Adding to the endorsements, Woodland Park’s Chief Uzzalino endorsed Thomas Adamo, affirming his belief in Adamo’s capabilities. Chief Uzzalino spoke about Chief Adamo’s law enforcement career, dedication to public service, and understanding of what is required to serve the residents, making him the prime candidate to continue advancing community safety and security.

These endorsements from chiefs who have worked closely with Chief Adamo and who have served the county with distinction underline a shared vision for the future of law enforcement in Passaic County. They recognize Chief Adamo’s ability to lead, his vast experience within the department, and his dedication to serving the community as key reasons for their support.

With these endorsements, it is envisioned that more law enforcement leaders will rally in support of Chief Adamo, solidifying his standing as the preferred candidate to lead the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office and continue the legacy of fairness, diversity, and public safety established by former Sheriff Richard Berdnik.

For more information about Chief Thomas Adamo’s campaign for Passaic County Sheriff, please visit www.pcdems.com.

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