Lonegan Pledges Defense of Columbus from Gottheimer Supporters

Hackensack, NJ – Republican Congressional candidate Steve Lonegan released a Facebook video pledging his defense of Columbus Day, Christopher Columbus statues, and other signs of America’s cultural heritage.
“It’s shocking to learn, that on the eve of Columbus Day, radical supporters of my opponent in this campaign — Democrat congressman liberal Josh Gottheimer — those are Antifa gang members, so-called social justice warriors, and cultural marxists are calling for the tearing down of statues like this across this country and for the ripping-up of America’s history as we know it.
Lonegan’s video came in response to a call by the New York City-based Antifa group, Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement to deface or destroy statues of Christopher Columbus.
“We know that Antifa and other cultural marxists are hell-bent on denouncing American history and dismantling every monument erected with the pennies of our ancestors in gratitude for our freedoms,” Lonegan said.  “I, for one, won’t stand idly by while they do.”
A transcript of Lonegan’s video follows and it can also be seen at facebook.com/follow.lonegan:
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