MacArthur: Does Andy Kim Think ICE Should Be abolished?

MacArthur: Does Andy Kim think ICE should be abolished?


Toms River, New Jersey – After dodging a question on ICE 16 times during a public appearance this week, Congressman Tom MacArthur today called for Andy Kim to let residents of South Jersey know if he believes ICE should be abolished. Andy Kim has taken thousands of dollars from Congressman Mark Pocan and the Congressional Progressive Caucus PAC, which called for ICE to be abolished in an email on July 1. On July 3, Andy Kim was asked 16 different times if he thought ICE should be abolished at an event in Mount Holly. He refused to answer the question 16 different times.


“Just days after we called on Andy Kim to come clean about where he stands on whether ICE should be abolished, it now comes to light that Kim took campaign contributions from a special interest group that is advocating for that reckless policy. Andy Kim’s silence is deafening.”


MacArthur said Kim should also answer for his other radical ideas and associations.


“Andy Kim founded a radical left-wing “resistance” group called RISE Stronger that promotes books authored by cop killers like Mumia Abu-Jamal, anti-Semites and 9/11 conspiracy theorists like Amiri Baraka and domestic terrorists like Bill Ayers,” said Congressman MacArthur. “And his group aligned itself with dangerous radicals like Linda Sarsour, who called for “jihad” against the United States government. So, his election-year attempts at being a moderate aren’t fooling anyone.  His silence on the ICE issue speaks volumes.”

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