Mayor Fulop Requests Governor Murphy Intervene to Save Christ Hospital and Avoid Devastating Impacts

Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop

Mayor Fulop Requests Governor Murphy Intervene to Save Christ Hospital and Avoid Devastating Impacts

Impasse over Weekend Will Cause Imminent Closure, Loss of Jobs and Critical Access to Healthcare at Stake

JERSEY CITY – Mayor Steven M. Fulop has sent an urgent request to New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy imploring the state to use its authority over the hospital healthcare systems to act quickly and engage Christ Hospital and RWJ Barnabas to help all involved parties work towards a peaceful resolution amid acquisitions and accusations that threaten the hospital’s future.  Mayor Fulop is asking for the state’s involvement to avoid a tragic situation where an impasse leads to the hospital’s closing, resulting in thousands of employees and their families with the prospect of losing employment, as well as compromising residents’ access to healthcare when needed most.

“Accessibility to quality health care is paramount for our residents, their families, and the overall health of our community now and in the future, which is why I strongly urge all involved parties not to let an impasse jeopardize the lifesaving healthcare they have provided to our community for generations,” said Mayor Fulop.  “I’m convinced a resolution that saves the hospital and avoids the damaging impacts of closure are possible with the state’s leadership and engagement.”

Ward D Councilman Michael Yun joins the Mayor to denounce any path that leads to the closing of Christ Hospital in The Heights section of Jersey City, where a conflict between the hospital and RWJ Barnabas ultimately has the most impact on the thousands of local residents who rely on the neighborhood hospital for quality care.

“The closing of Christ Hospital would be a devastating blow not only to the Jersey City Heights community, but its impact would also ripple throughout Central Hudson,” said Ward D Councilman Michael Yun.  “From those serviced by the medical institution, to those who work there and make Hudson County their home, no one would be spared from its negative impact.”

“There is simply no substitute for your direct involvement and no time to waste,” Mayor Fulop concludes, offering the state any assistance that can be provided on this matter.

Christ Hospital Letter to Governor
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