Meissner Condemns Iran’s Attacks on its own Citizens

Stuart Meissner
Meissner Condemns Iran’s Attacks on its own Citizens
TRENTON – Today, Stuart Meissner, candidate for U.S. Senate, made the following statement in response to Iranian government’s violent crackdown that has killed nearly 200 of its own citizens:

“Where is the outrage on the left for the grave human rights abuses happening in Iran? These atrocities only give further credence to President Trump’s decision to pull out of the disastrous Iran deal, and they once again call into question Cory Booker’s complete incompetence for supporting it in the first place. Never again should we hand over billions of dollars to a sworn enemy of both the United States and Israel, like Cory Booker did when he turned his back on supporters of Israel – after using them to get elected – in voting for the Iran deal.”

If elected, Stuart Meissner would be the first Republican Jewish Senator in over a decade.

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