Mercer Becomes Latest Jurisdiction to pass Resolution Supporting Medicare for All in the Garden State

Trenton, N.J. – Tonight, the Mercer County Commission unanimously passed a resolution in support of a nationwide Medicare for All program. With the effects of the pandemic still being felt across the Garden State, this resolution by New Jersey’s Capital County sends a strong message to New Jersey’s congressional delegation that guaranteed health care is needed now more than ever.

“As a member of the Mercer County Board of Commissioners, I am pleased that we have passed a resolution in support of Medicare for All,” stated Sam Frisby, Mercer County Commissioner.  “If we are going to continue to be a nation that lifts the ideals that freedom and choice are a God-given right and stitched into the fabric of who we are, then we must also recognize that there are many in this nation who have very limited choices impeding their right to be free. The pandemic has underscored the inequity of our society, where freedom and choice favor those who can afford it, while further oppressing the poor, which is why we are urging Congress to pass HR 1976, affording everyone the freedom and choice to be healthy.”

Mercer County is the latest jurisdiction to join more than 90 cities and municipalities across the country, including 13 New Jersey localities like Jersey City, Trenton, Red Bank, Dover and Highland Park, that want to ensure people have the health care they need.

The New Jersey effort is being organized by Our Revolution NJ and Public Citizen.

“Private insurers have so many qualifiers that leave gaps in our health plans, that it makes us wonder why we pay so much only to still pay more out of pocket. We need a for-people health care system, not a for-profit health care system,” added Brady Rivera, public health worker and resident of Hamilton Township. “This Medicare for All Resolution from Mercer County is the beginning, signaling to our state of New Jersey and our United States that we demand the prioritization of our health.”

“As an RN case manager that facilitates hospital discharges, I couldn’t be more pleased that the board has passed a Medicare for all resolution. Having to deal with insurance issues that cause a lack of services is one of the worst aspects of my job that has devastating consequences,” stated Zoe Leach, case manager RN and member of Our Revolution Trenton-Mercer.

“It is long past time for Congress to move us into the modern age, end our exploitative for-profit insurance system, and embrace healthcare as a human right, “ continued Joe Marchica, co-chair of Our Revolution Trenton-Mercer. “This is especially valuable across our diverse county, where, as of 2019, over 26,000 people are uninsured. Over 10% of working-age people lack health insurance, and a disproportionate number of them are a part of Mercer’s large Black and Hispanic communities. Many thousands more are underinsured or rely on public insurance, placing them at the whim of requirements that can create a poverty ceiling. With our representative Bonnie Watson Coleman already a sponsor on the bill, I am confident that the momentum we are building will bring many more representatives on board.”

“We applaud the Mercer County Commissioners for passing this important Resolution at the county level. With three new federal co-sponsors for the Medicare for All Act just this past month, including NJ’s own Donald Norcross, and 14 local Medicare for All Resolutions passed in the state, we are seeing the direct results of our relentless, dedicated organizing,” concluded Anna-Marta Visky, Our Revolution’s Medicare for All national campaign lead. “We are renewing our calls for Rep. Andy Kim to join us in the fight for healthcare justice, listen to the will of his constituents and support Medicare for All in Congress.”


Our Revolution is dedicated to organizing a political revolution strong enough to challenge the structural forces that threaten our survival as a society. Together, we are building a national grassroots network of powerful local groups who are fighting to win progressive issue fights, elect progressive champions, transform the Democratic party and get big money out of politics.

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