Murphy Opens Sunday Convention Twinbill with Win in Hunterdon County

Murphy Opens Sunday Convention Twinbill with Win in Hunterdon County

Flemington — Phil Murphy this morning overwhelmingly carried the Hunterdon County Convention, securing his ninth consecutive primary ballot endorsement from one of the most progressively minded county committees in the state.

Murphy won 88% of the vote from the elected members of the county committee, grassroots Democratic leaders, and elected municipal Democratic officeholders.

“Hunterdon County is proud to stand with Phil Murphy because he understands not only what it means to be a progressive Democrat, but because he knows how to build our party across the state,” said county Chairwomen Arlene Quinones-Perez, the only Latina county chair in the state. “This was an overwhelming show of support for Phil’s progressive platform of fairness, social justice, creating a new economy.”

The victory is Murphy’s second of the weekend, coming after claiming the Ocean County endorsement yesterday with 70 percent of the convention vote. Later today he will compete in Atlantic County’s convention in Atlantic City.

“Hunterdon County’s Democrats are exactly what we need to build our party for the challenges ahead — progressive, committed, and ready to stand up against Donald Trump and the Republicans to protect our values,” said Murphy. “I thank them for their strong support this morning, and I look forward to working with them to turn this county ‘blue.'”
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