National Progressive Group Inspired by Bernie Sanders 2016 Run Endorses CJPD Candidates; In Only NJ Endorsement, Our Revolution Backs CJPD LD-17, Freeholder Candidates

National Progressive Group Inspired by Bernie Sanders 2016 Run Endorses CJPD Candidates;

In Only NJ Endorsement, Our Revolution Backs CJPD LD-17, Freeholder Candidates

Middlesex County, NJ — Central Jersey Progressive Democrats (CJPD) announced today that the top five candidates on its slate have been endorsed by Our Revolution, the national organization founded after Sen. Bernie Sanders’ historic 2016 presidential bid.  The candidates top a ticket of more than 85 progressives running in the June 6 Democratic Primary.  CJPD  candidates are on the ballot for Middlesex County for Democratic county committee, Board of Chosen Freeholders as well as State Senate and General Assembly in Legislative District 17 (Middlesex and Somerset).

“We are extremely proud to have earned the only endorsements made by Our Revolution in any of New Jersey’s primaries to date.  Our campaign is a grassroots effort by individuals who answered Sen. Sanders’ and Our Revolution’s call for progressives to run for office, to take back our Party and our government.  Democrats in many places – especially in Legislative District 17 – are beholden to corporations and are out of touch with voters.  They are not standing up for working families or standing up to Donald Trump.  Our neighbors deserve real progressive representatives who will fight for them,” said William Irwin, candidate for State Senate, LD-17.

According to the statement released by Our Revolution announcing the endorsements, the national organization will mobilize its local groups and volunteers across the country in order to reach New Jersey members and encourage them to be involved.

“Our Revolution supports progressive champions at every level of government. By supporting candidates backed by people, not corporations, we are aiming to transform American politics to make our political and economic systems responsive to the needs of working families,” stated Executive Director Shannon Jackson.  The organization has 23 active endorsements in races around the country.  Last week, Our Revolution volunteers and activists helped elect Larry Krasner in the race for Philadelphia District Attorney.

In addition to Irwin, Our Revolution endorsed Heather M. Fenyk and Ralph Johnson for Assembly, as well as Catherine Hunt and Atif Nazir for Middlesex County Board of Chosen Freeholders.  The five candidates for top office were also endorsed by Our Revolution NJ Volunteers, which has backed the campaign’s entire slate.  The New Jersey Working Families Alliance has endorsed the county committee candidates, who are working to change the party from the bottom up.

“The Democratic Party needs to reflect the diversity and beliefs of the people it is supposed to represent. The Middlesex County Freeholders have not adopted strong policies to make our county a fair and welcoming one, and they have not passed a resolution opposing the Williams Transco pipeline, despite repeated requests from residents to do both.  We are running to bring change at every level of government,” said Atif Nazir, candidate for Freeholder.

The CJPD campaign is building the Democratic Party by registering new voters and affiliating previously undeclared voters as Democrats.  Assembly candidate Heather Fenyk said, “We are running because we believe that our party can no longer function with a ‘business as usual approach.’  Our party must lead the opposition, and not collaborate with Trump and his local champion, Chris Christie.”

Ralph Johnson, also a candidate for Assembly, said voters want to see real people running for office, not career politicians. “Our campaign has so much enthusiasm from voters.  People are stopping us on the street and asking how they can volunteer. We are not just organizing a campaign in one election, one time; we are building a movement for change.”

Unlike the incumbents they are challenging, the candidates’ platform includes a wide array of policies that support social, economic and political justice and mirror the issues raised by Sen. Sanders in his 2016 run. The CJPD candidates support, among other issues, investing in community facilities in Piscataway, assuring safe drinking water in New Brunswick and securing a $15/hr minimum wage, opposing collaboration with ICE and other illegal and immoral executive orders of the Trump Administration, and stopping the Williams Transco pipeline.

“As someone who encouraged Sen. Sanders to run, as part of the Progressive Democrats of America, I am honored to receive support from Our Revolution.  The organization is working hard to engage progressive leaders, empower individuals and transform our politics,” said Catherine Hunt.  “The CJPD campaign can be a model for other places in NJ and around the country to make sure our government is once again responsive to the needs of working families.”

Our Revolution endorsements are on the organization’s website at:

More about the campaign and candidates is available at

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