Nearly 1000 New Jersey Leaders and Organizations Support Allowing More Residents To Access A Driver’s License

The New Jersey Statehouse and Capitol Building In Trenton

Nearly 1000 New Jersey Leaders and Organizations Support Allowing More Residents To Access A Driver’s License 


As the bill to expand access to driver’s licenses heads to a final vote on the Senate and Assembly floors, Let’s Drive NJ campaign releases the full list of supporters


NEW JERSEY (Monday, December 16th, 2019) Ahead of the final votes on legislation A4743/S3229 that would expand access to driver’s license to more residents regardless of immigration status in New Jersey, the Let’s Drive NJ campaign released its full list of supporters.


The list of supporters spans from legislators sponsoring the legislation to mayors, public safety officials, faith leaders, businesses, young immigrant leaders, and community and nonprofit organizations that endorse the campaign.


The Let’s Drive NJ campaign has led the campaign since January 2018. After two years of rigorous campaigning with over 30 rallies, marches, and protests, and meeting with legislators to ensure the legislation would enhance mobility, includes all residents, and protects privacy, the legislation is coming to a historic floor vote in New Jersey.


If passed, New Jersey will become the 15th state to expand access to driver’s licenses to all following New York and Oregon who passed similar legislation in Summer 2019. See the updated map of states that have expanded access to driving from NILC.


See the full list of supporters below.




list of supporters  


NJ Senate Sponsor & Co-Sponsors  

Senator Joseph F. Vitale, Primary Sponsor, LD19

Senator Joseph P. Cryan, Primary Sponsor, LD20

Senator Teresa M. Ruiz,  Primary Sponsor, LD29

Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez, Primary Sponsor, LD5

Senator Nellie Pou, Primary Sponsor, LD35

Senator Loretta Weinberg, Co-Sponsor, LD37

Senator Patrick J. Diegnan, Jr., Co-Sponsor, LD18

Senator Nicholas J. Sacco, Co-Sponsor, LD32

Senator Brian P. Stack, Co-Sponsor, LD33

Senator Sandra B. Cunningham, Co-Sponsor, LD31


NJ Assembly Sponsor & Co-Sponsors

Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, Primary Sponsor, LD20

Assemblyman Raj Mukherji, Primary Sponsor, LD33

Assemblyman Gary S. Schaer, Primary Sponsor, LD36

Assemblyman Gordon M. Johnson, Primary Sponsor, LD37

Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Primary Sponsor, LD37

Assemblyman Joe Danielsen, Primary Sponsor, LD17

Assemblyman Mila M. Jasey, Co-Sponsor, LD27

Assemblywoman Nancy J. Pinkin, Co-Sponsor, LD18

Assemblywoman Cleopatra G. Tucker, Co-Sponsor, LD28

Assemblywoman Patricia Egan Jones, Co-Sponsor, LD5

Assemblywoman Eliana Pintor Marin, Co-Sponsor, LD29

Assemblyman Nicholas Chiaravalotti, Co-Sponsor, LD31

Assemblyman Thomas P. Giblin, Co-Sponsor, LD34

Assemblywoman Annette Chaparro, Co-Sponsor, LD33

Assemblywoman Pamela R. Lampitt, Co-Sponsor, LD6

Assemblywoman Angela V. McKnight, Co-Sponsor, LD31

Assemblyman Pedro Mejia, Co-Sponsor, LD32

Assemblywoman Yvonne Lopez, Co-Sponsor, LD19

Assemblywoman Verlin Reynolds-Jackson, Co-Sponsor, LD15

Assemblywoman Shanique Speight, Co-Sponsor, LD29

Assemblywomen Linda S. Carter, Co-Sponsor, LD22

Assemblyman John F. McKeon, Co-Sponsor, LD27

Assemblyman William W. Spearman, Co-Sponsor, LD5

Assemblyman James J. Kennedy, Co-Sponsor, LD22

Assemblywoman Britnee N. Timberlake, Co-Sponsor, LD34

Assemblywoman Carol A. Murphy, Co-Sponsor, LD7

Assemblyman Ralph R. Caputo, Co-Sponsor, LD28

Assemblyman Robert J. Karabinchak, Co-Sponsor, LD18

Assemblyman Benjie E. Wimberly, Co-Sponsor, LD35

Assemblyman Clinton Calabrese, Co-Sponsor, LD36

Assemblywoman Shavonda E. Sumter, Co-Sponsor, LD35

Assemblyman Andrew Zwicker, Co-Sponsor, LD16


Elected Officials from Around the State


Mayor Paul Anzano, Hopewell Borough

Mayor Ras Baraka, City of Newark

Mayor Ravinder Bhalla, Hoboken

Mayor James Cahill, City of New Brunswick

Mayor Christopher Chung, Palisades Park

Mayor Christine Danseareau, Roselle Borough

Mayor Wilda Diaz, City of Perth Amboy

Mayor James Dodd, Dover Township

Mayor Timothy Dougherty, Morristown Township

Mayor Reed Gusciora, City of Trenton

Mayor Sadaf Jaffar, Montgomery Township

Mayor Albert B. Kelly, City of Bridgeton

Mayor Liz Lempert, Princeton

Mayor Hector Lora, City of Passaic

Mayor Victor De Luca, Maplewood

Mayor Gayle Brill Mittler, Highland Park Borough

Mayor Michael A. Soriano, Parsippany-Troy Hills

Mayor Brian P. Stack, Union City

Mayor Domenick Stampone, Borough of Haledon

Mayor Dahlia O. Vertreese, Hillside Township

Mayor Wayne D. Zitt, Guttenberg Township


Municipalities & Counties





Jersey City


New Brunswick





Perth Amboy



Victory Gardens


Union County

Hudson County

Cumberland County

Essex County

Camden County

Mercer County


Public Safety Officials & Organizations


Luis Guzman, Chief of Police, Passaic Police Department Passaic, NJ

Domenick Stampone, Esq., Municipal Prosecutor, City of Passaic, New Jersey

Michael Murphy, former Morris County Prosecutor, Morris County, NJ

Quovella Spruill, (Ret.)Chief of Detectives, Essex County Prosecutor’s Office, Essex County

Nick Bucci (Ret.), Lieutenant, New Jersey State Police

Jimmy DeVaul, Chief of Police, Maplewood Police Department, Maplewood, NJ


Businesses, Business Associations, & Labor Organizations



Communications Workers America (CWA)-New Jersey

Laundry, Distribution & Food Service Joint Board, Workers United/SEIU

United Steelworkers (USW) District 4

Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

4 Corner’s Supermarket, Trenton

4 Puntos Multiservices, Union City

809 Restaurant, Passaic

A.B.S. Glass, Trenton

Adames Barber Shop, Trenton

Adjuntas Restaurant, Passaic

Adriano’s Liquors Inc

All Star Barber Shop, Trenton

Anchor Bar and Grill, Trenton

Andre’s Barber Shop, Camden

Andy’s Food Plus, LLC, Trenton

Anthony’s Clothing, Trenton

Antojitos & Helados Nissi, Trenton

D.M. Nunez Perez, Vendor, Camden Appliances, Camden

Ari Bodega, Trenton

Aries Beauty Salon, Dover

Armando Auto Sales, Trenton

Associated Supermarket II, LLC, Trenton

Auto Dynamics, Trenton

Avila Multiservice Express, Morristown

Ay Chihuahua!, Passaic

Azcona Supermarket, Newark

Azteca Mexican Restaurant, Dover

Barberito Finest Cut Barber, Trenton

Sung Chun, Owner, Beauty Heaven, Camden

Beauty Salon And Spa Pura Vida, Trenton

Better Mornings, Trenton

Vito Brasila, Owner, Bezta Steak, Camden

Bicicletas Passaic, Passaic

Bienvenido Market, Trenton

Lloyd Johnson, Owner, BJ’s Bike & Hobby, Camden

Broad St. Auto Sales, Trenton

Brother in Law, Trenton

Brother’s Deli & Grocery, Trenton

Brothers Pizzeria & Italian Restaurant, Passaic

Brunswick Mini Market, Trenton

C&F Tires Co, Trenton

Cafe Yela, Morristown

Derek Davis, Camden Laundry, Camden

Capital Deli, Trenton

Capital Jewelry, Trenton

Carniceria La Unica, Morristown

Carmen L Aponte, Owner, Carribbean Mega Center, Camden

Carter Liquors, Trenton

Casa del Pollo, Morristown

Casa Lupita, Bayonne

Casdeluna, Trenton

Castillo Restaurant, Passaic

Castillos Food Services, Trenton

Cidenia Mini Market, Passaic

City Stylez Hair Shop, Trenton

Cleveland Laundromat, Trenton

Club Betty Luna Bella, Passaic

Comfort Mattress, Trenton

Community First Sports Club, Maplewood

Concord Travel, Passaic

Danny’s Laundromat, Passaic

Dazzle Convenience, Dover

Different Salon, Morristown

Dolar Plaza, Passaic

Dominican Supermarket 187, Passaic

Dona Chely, Passaic

El Asadero Mexican Grill, Passaic

El Catrocho, Dover

El Cerezo Bakery, Passaic

El Encuentro Centroamericano, Morristown

El Jarocho, Dover

El Mercado, Passaic

El Paisa, Passaic

El Paraiso, Dover

El Portal, Morristown

El Potrillo Restaurant, Trenton

El Puerto, Dover

Jose G Torres El Rineon Latino Restaurant

El Tapatio, Dover

Empire Discount Liquors, Trenton

Encanto Driving School, Passaic

Esmeralda’s Fashion, Trenton

Esmeralda’s Universal Unisex, Trenton

Estetica Mexicana San Mateo J C Bonilla, Passaic

Express Multiservices, Dover

Junior Lineo, EZ Plus, Camden

Fashion Nail And Spa’s, Dover

Flamil Professional, Passaic

Flor De Maria, Passaic

Friends Unisex Beauty Salon, Trenton

Frutimex, Dover

Futbolandia, Morristown

Gallito Radio, Passaic

Garden Supermarket 1, Passaic

Genesis Beauty & Hair Salon, Trenton

Gomez Check Cashing, Trenton

Goodman Pharmacy & Surgical, Passaic

Griselda’s Restaurant, Passaic

Guate Envios, Trenton

Eduardo Caban, Owner, Hardwork Detailing, Camden

Havis Jewelry, Trenton

Hispano Solutions LLC, Passaic

Imagen Lunar Inc., Passaic

Carmen Ayala, Teller Imperial Check Cashing, Camden

Infinity Wireless Plus, Trenton

Andres Candelaria, Manager Inoa Food Market

Internova Multiservices, Trenton

Islas Galapagos, Morristown

Izucar Deli and Grocery, Passaic

J&V Multiservices, Trenton

Janeth Ice Cream, Passaic

Jerry’s Pizza, Trenton

Orlando Almante

Jiminez Grocery, Camden

Jomac Hair Salon, Trenton

Roselin Beltre Junior Supermarket, Camden

L.C. Supermarket, Morristown

Franklin Monte, Owner, LA Belleson Food Market, Camden

La Fortaleza, Passaic

Maria Espinoza, La Hacienda Restaurante, Camden

La Ideal Mexican Bakery, Passaic

La Nueva Esperanza, Passaic

La Nueva Esperanza, Passaic

La Sierra, Dover

Latin American Supermarket, Dover

Latin Express Multiservices, Trenton

Latino Beauty Salon Unisex, Trenton

Latino Envios, Trenton

Liberty Furniture, Morristown

Lider Dollar Plus, Trenton

Lili’s Unisex Beauty Salon, Trenton

Los Corrales, Passaic

Los Gallos Multiservices, Passaic

Lucky Foods, Passaic

Franklin Hernandez, Owner Luz Supermarket, Camden

Mac Supermarket, Passaic

Mandala Night Club, Passaic

Manny’s Hvac & Home Improvement, Trenton

Mar y Tierra Peruvian Cuisine, Passaic

Rocio Chavez Maria’s Beauty Salon Camden

Mariachi Restaurant, Trenton

Mary Multiservices, Trenton

Mary-fer Mexicana Beauty Salon, Passaic

MG Agency Insurance, Passaic

Mi Dollar King LLC, Passaic

Mi Fashion & Miscellaneous Ll LLC, Passaic

Mi Frutita LLC, Passaic

Molto Bella, Dover

Morris County Hispanic American Chamber of Commerce

Morris Driving School, Dover & Morristown

Juda Ciron, Owner, Nayla Flower & Gifts, Camden

Griselle Nunez, Owner, Nayla Flower & Gifts, Camden

Nelly’s Beauty, Dover

Juan Antonio Caba, Owner, New City Food Market

William Cruz, Manager, New York Mini Market, Camden

Pacific Express, Dover

Pan Caliente Bakery, Dover

Pan Pizza, Dover

Oscar Hernandez, Owner, Party Supply, Camden

Pascale Insurance Inc., Spring Lake

Patri Mini Market, Passaic

Phoenix Embroidery, Passaic

Piñas Locas Quetzaly, Passaic

Milton Valdovinos, Owner, Plazatepis, Camden

Pollos Pucalor De Morristown, Morristown

Pollos Pucalor, Dover

Rafael Jiminez, Owner, Quisqueya Food Market, Camden

R&R Laundromat LLC, Trenton

Rayito De Luz Estetica Unisex Mexicana, Passaic

Ricoy Pizzeria y Restaurant, Passaic

Miguel Amador, President, Ritmo Wireless LLC, Camden

Rosemary Abreu, Manager, Roldeny Supermarket, Camden

Roman Pizzeria, Passaic

Rosa’s Pizza, Passaic

Rosita de Olivo, Passaic

Sammy Soap Suds, Trenton

San Jose Mini Market, Passaic

Penda Toure, Owner Sitan African Hair Brandine

Super Mex, Passaic

Tacos Lupita, Passaic

Taqueria Brenda Lee, Dover

Taqueria Los Gueros, Passaic

Tehui Mini Market, Passaic

Tequila 55, Dover

The Tech Monkey, Passaic

Tierras y Sabores, Dover

Tio Aureliano’s Restaurant, Passaic

Tony’s Liquors, Trenton

Tony’s Tailor And Clothier, Trenton

Elena Benavidez, Owner, Transmex Envios, Camden

Twilight Beauty Salon, Passaic

Everardo Benito, Owner, Universal Photo Studio, Camden

Value Pharmacy & Surgical, Inc., Passaic

Variedades Jenkar, Morristown

Chris De Jesus VIP Barber Shop, Camden

Angel Rivera, We Repair Air Applicances, Camden

Yo- Yo, Passaic

Salena Begum, Owner, Camden



Community and Nonprofit Organizations

Action Together NJ


American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey

American Friends Service Committee

Angel for Action Inc.

Anti-Poverty Network of New Jersey

Bangladeshi American Women’s Development Initiative (BAWDI)

Blue Wave NJ

CAIR New Jersey – Council on American -Islamic Relations

Camden Coalition for Healthcare Providers

Casa Freehold

Central Jersey Coalition Against Endless War

Central Jersey Democratic Socialists

Central Unitarian Church of Paramus-Social Action Committee

Centro Comunitario CEUS

Community of Friends in Action


Drug Policy Alliance

El Centro Hispanoamericano

Fair & Welcoming Coalition of Mercer County

Fair and Welcoming Communities Coalition of Somerset County

Faith in New Jersey

First Friends NJ & NY

Force the Issue NJ

Garden State Equality

Glen Rock People Power

Greater Red Bank Women’s Initiative

Haiti Solidarity Network of the North East

Hispanic Family Center of Southern New Jersey

Hudson Civic Action

Ironbound Community Corp.

Kids in Need of Defense (KIND)

Latin American Legal Defense & Education Fund (LALDEF)

Latino Action Network

Long Valley Indivisible

Make the Road New Jersey

NAACP New Jersey State Conference

National Council of Jewish Women, West Morris Section

National Domestic Workers Alliance

National Immigration Law Center (NILC)

National Organization of Women (NOW) – NJ

New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice

New Jersey Citizen Action

New Jersey Communities United

New Jersey Institute of Social Justice

New Jersey Muslim Lawyers Association (NJMLA)

New Jersey Policy Perspective

New Jersey Tenants Organization

New Jersey Working Families Alliance

New Labor

NJ7 Forward

NJ-08 for Progress

Not in Our Town Princeton (NiOT)


Our Revolution Essex County

Partners For Women and Justice

People Power Somerset NJ

Planned Parenthood Action Fund of New Jersey

Reformed Jewish Voice of New Jersey

RU Dreamers

Salvation and Social Justice

SOMA Action

South Jersey Women for Progressive Change

Statewide Parent Advocacy Network, Inc.


Temple Ner Tamid

The Farmworker Support Committee (CATA)

The Meta Theatre Company

The Social Responsibilities Council of the

Union County Young Democrats

Unitarian Society of Ridgewood

Veterans for American Ideals NY-NJ

Wind of the Spirit


Latino Leaders

Adriana Abizadeh, Executive Director, Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Aida Epifanio-Figueroa, Board Member LUPE PAC and New Leaders Council, Camden, NJ

Alexandra Acosta, Executive Board Member, Latino American Democratic Association

Alixon Collazos

Analilia Mejia, Former Executive Director, Working Families Alliance NJ

Angel Fuentes, President, Hispanic Leadership Association of New Jersey

Antonio Hernandez, President, National Coalition of Latino Officers

April Lopez, President, UndocuRutgers

Arlene Quinones Perez, Chair, Hunterdon County Democratic Committee

Blanca Molina, President, Centro Comunitario CEUS

Brian Lozano, Wind of the Spirit

Carlos Medina, President & CEO, Statewide Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of New Jersey

Celeste Fernandez, 2nd Vice President of the Hispanic Association of Atlantic County

Christian Estevez, President, Latino Action Network

Craig Garcia, Director of Worker Organizing, Make the Road New Jersey

Cristina Pinzon, Executive Board Member, LUPE PAC

Daniela Velez, Director, UndocuJersey

David Ortiz, Steering Committee Member, Latino Action Network

Denise Fernandes, NJ Co-State Lead, All On the Line

Diego Maya, The Latino Spirit

Elisa Charters, Steering Committee Member, Latino Action Network

Emy Quispe, NJ Political Organizer, SEIU Local 32BJ

Erika J. Nava, Policy Analyst, New Jersey Policy Perspective

Ervin Chavez, President, Guatemalan Civic Association of Mercer County

Estuardo Arriola, President, Guatemalan Business Association

Frank Argote-Freyre, President Emeritus, Latino Action Network and Director, Latino Coalition of NJ

Freddy Rambay, Chairman, Latinos Siempre Unidos

Giancarlo Tello, Program Director, UndocuJersey

Gino Hernandez, Community Leader, Trenton, NJ

Guillermo C. Artiles, Esq., Partner, McCarter & English LLP

Hon. Angel G. Estrada, Union County Freeholder

Hon. E. Junior Maldonado, Hudson County Clerk

Hon. Felisha Reyes, Camden City Council Ward 4 Rep.

Hon. Germaine M. Ortiz, Chairwoman, Bergen County Board of Chosen Freeholders

Hon. Hector Lora, Mayor of Passaic

Hon. Sergio Granados, Union County Freeholder

Hon. Wilda Diaz, Mayor of Perth Amboy

Javier Robles, Executive Vice President, Latino Action Network/President,

Jennifer Rodriguez, Assistant Director, UndocuJersey

Jesus R Galvis, President, Hispanic-USA of Bergen County

Johanna Calle, Director, New Jersey Alliance for Immigrant Justice and Trustee, Hackensack

Board of Education

Jorge Torres, Organizer, Faith in New Jersey

Joseph A. Barreto, President, Latino American Democratic Association

Juan Cartagena, President and General Counsel, LatinoJUSTICE

Karol Y. Ruiz, Esq., Co-President, Wind of the Spirit Immigrant Resource Center

Reverend Karen Hernandez-Granzen, Westminster Presbyterian Church, Trenton, NJ

Kat Esquiche, Director of Education at Global Emergency Response and Assistance (GERA)

Laura Matos, Vice President, LUPE PAC

Laura Mora, Latin American Legal Defense and Education Fund

Lazaro Cardenas, Steering Committee Member, Latino Action Network

Lydia J. Valencia, CEO/President, NJ Puerto Rican Congress, Inc.

Manuel Hernandez, Trenton Latino Merchants Association

Maria Andrade, Vice President, Latino Action Network

Marino Pozo, Trustee, LALDEF and former President, Latino Merchants Association of NJ

Mario Lopez, President, Coalition of Peruvian Institutions in NJ

Marisol Conde-Hernandez

Mateus Baptista, Advisory Board Chair, New Leaders Council NJ

Melvi Davila, Director of Peruvian American Political organizations

Nedia Morsy, Lead Organizer, Make the Road New Jersey

NJ Coalition of Latino Pastors and Ministers

Bishop Antonio A. Merino, President

Reverend Ariel Torres, Hudson

Reverend Barbara Perez, Essex

Reverend Bernardio Corniel, Hudson

Reverend Bolivar Flores, Vice President

Reverend Candido Perez, Hudson

Reverend Carlos Perez, Hudson

Reverend Edmundo Lopez, Mercer

Reverend Emmanuel de la Cruz, Ocean

Chaplain Esmeralda Trinidad, Hudson

Reverend Freddy Gonzalez, Cumberland

Reverend Freddy Liriano, Atlantic

Reverend Gigi Esparza, Ocean

Reverend Ibraim Garcia, Camden

Reverend Jose Castro, Union

Reverend Jose Paulino, Monmouth

Reverend Joshua Rodriguez, Senior Advisor

Reverend Lizett Castillo, Essex

Pastor Madeline Ballejos, Hudson

Reverend Orlando Sanchez, Middlesex

Reverend Oscar Garvan, Union

Reverend Oscar Guerrero, Mercer

Reverend Pablo Pizarro, Essex

Reverend Ramon Pagan, Passaic

Reverend Raul Otero, Middlesex

Reverend Renato Castro, Union

Capellan Vivian Tavera, Bergen

Reverend Willie Del Tore, Hudson

Patricia Campos Medina, President of LUPE PAC

Robert Medina, Business leader, and activist

Roberto Frugone, Consultant, The Frugone Group

Ron Bautista, Hoboken Activist

Rudy A. Rojas, Immigration Committee Chair, Latino Action Network

Rudy Garcia, President, MBI

Saily M. Avelenda, Esq., Executive Director, NJ 11th for Change

Sara Mora, DREAMer, and Youth Empower Council

Santiago Rodriguez, Councilman-at-Large, City of Trenton

Sonia Delgado, Princeton Public Affairs principal

Susana G Baumann, President, and CEO, Latinas in Business Inc.

Teresa Vivar, Lazos America Unida/Mexican American Organization of New Jersey

Wendy Martinez, Government Affairs Director, NJ Association of Latino Pastors and Ministers

Zulima Farber, Former Attorney General of New Jersey


Educational Institutional Leadership and Student and Young Immigrant Leaders

Robert Barchi, President, Rutgers University

Nancy Cantor, Chancellor, Rutgers University, Newark

Brenda Codallos, President, UndocuRutgers, Rutgers University-New Brunswick

Erika Martinez, Rutgers University-Newark/Make the Road NJ

Esder Chong, President, RU Dreamers

Cristian Aparicio, President – Dreamers+, Brookdale Community College

Daniela Velez, Director of UndocuJersey

Jose Hernandez Morales, Rutgers University School of Engineering Student, President of Mexican American Student Association

Desiree Armas, Elizabeth, NJ, Saint Peter’s University, The Center for Undocumented Students

Sabrina Ahmed, Student Body President, Rutgers Newark

Darit Aldana, Small Business Owner

Mario Verdasco, United States Army

Marisol Conde-Hernandez, Associate Attorney, Law Office of Eric M. Mark

Itzel Hernandez, Immigrant Rights Organizer-American Friends Service Committee

Luis Chirino, Jersey City, NJ, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Madelyne Montes-Reyes, NJ, Wind of the Spirit Immigrant Resource Center

Cinthia Osorio, Centenary University, Wind of the Spirit Immigrant Resource Center

Aileen Naranjo, Rutgers University

Alejandro Arevalo, Essex County College

Ana Chavarria, Newark, NJ, Rutgers University, RU Dreamers

Ana Rojas, Rutgers University Newark

Andrea Rodriguez, Rutgers University-Newark

April Lopez, Rutgers University, UndocuRutgers

Ashley Yanez Chafart

Aura Y. Blanco, Seton Hall University

Belinda Olmo

Brenda Martell, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Brenda Xochihua

Christine Bernadette Garci

Claudia Saavedra, RU Dreamers, Rutgers University-Newark

Daniela Chomba, Science Park High School

Daniela Saldarriaga, AHS

Daniela Zeas

Demmy Rodriguez, RU Dreamers

Denedy Castillo

Denilson Granados, New York University

Denise Rigo, RU Dreamers

Dennis Kimmah

Deyanira Adana, Organizer, Make the Road NJ

Deysi Perez-Avila, Brookdale Community College Dreamers+

Dilon Sanchez, RU Dreamers

Dyllan Brown-Bramble RU Dreamers

Eduardo Gonzalez Bravo, Rutgers University

Emmanuela Amoako, RU Dreamers

Esther Patrick, Rutgers University

Fatima Khan, Rutgers University

Fernando Aparicio, Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences

Fernando Ferrera, UndocuRutgers

Francisco Agudelo, County College of Morris

Gina Zeas, Rutgers University

Gloria Rodriguez, Awaken Community

Gloria E. Blanco, Seton Hall University

Laura Gomes

Guadalupe Velazquez, Rutgers-Newark Student

Henry Reyes, Rutgers Newark

Jairo Castro, Community Member

Jaline Tenemea, Rutgers University Newark

Jane Roche, Rutgers University Newark

Javier Garcia, Brookdale Community College

Javier Veliz, New Jersey Institute of Technology

Jennifer Bucalo, Rutgers University

Jennifer Romero

Jennifer Salazar, Newark, NJ

Jermaine Moore Jr, Rutgers -Newark

Jonathan Guzman, Student

Jose Analco

Joselyn Freire, Jamesburg, NJ, Rutgers University, School of Arts and Sciences

Mr. Josh Chhangur

Joshua Gyimah, Rutgers University

Juan D Bermudez Franco, NJIT

Juan Perez, RU Dreamers

Karina Espana, Awaken Community

Karla Ortega, Awaken Community

Katherine Rodriguez, Rutgers University, RU Dreamers

Lisbet Enrriquez, RU Dreamers

Lorrany Carvalho, Harrison, NJ

Lucas Pandini, Rutgers University

Mahnoor Shaikh, RU Dreamers

Makulah Sheriff, Rutgers University

Maria Del Cielo Mendez Varillas, Plainfield, NJ, Make the Road New Jersey, Saint Peter’s University

Maria Hernandez, Make the Road NJ

Maria Taco, Bloomfield, New Jersey, Rutgers University

Mauricio, Make the Road NJ, Youth Leader

Meydi Menjivar, Rutgers University

Miguel Narciso Garcia, Awaken Community

Monserrat Macareno

Neidelyn Pina, Rutgers University

Niruban Bahetharan, Rutgers University

Pamela Chomba, Science Park High School

Pocharapon Nemmanee, Rutgers University student

Rosanna Peguero, Newark, NJ, Montclair State University

Rubina Ali, Rosanna Peguero, Newark, NJ, Montclair State University

Sabrina Narainsammy, Rutgers University-Newark

Samuel Tuero, Define America at Rutgers University- Camden

Segun Ajibade, Rutgers University- Newark

Solcyre Burga, RU Dreamers

Thalia Vasquez, NJ

Thamilvili Sivanesan, RU Dreamers

Tiffany Castellanos

Tiffany Kadima

Virginia Salas, Orange, NJ, William Paterson University

Yamaris Zurita

Yesnia Leal, Rutgers University Alumni

Yossy Montecinos, RU Dreamers

Melanie Calle, DACA Ally

Naracha Lima, Newark, NJ, Rutgers University, We the Dreamers

Vivian Peralta, Rutgers Student

Aaron Tinoco

Josue Serrano, NJ, Rutgers University, Founding member of UndocuRutgers

Michell Ortiz, Kean University

Sheila Zegarra, Innovation Strategist at IBM


Religious Organizations and Leaders

Cardinal Joseph W. Tobin, Archdiocese of Newark

Afia Yunus, Esq. Principal Attorney, Yunus Law PC Cherry Hill Mosque, GCLEA

Assistant Pastor Duane Reid, Impacting Your World Ministries, Cherry Hill

Beacon – Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit

Bishop Carlye Hughes, Episcopal Diocese of Newark

Bishop Dennis J. Sullivan, Diocese of Camden

Bishop John Schol, Greater NJ Conference of the United Methodist Church

Bishop Tracie Bartholomew, New Jersey Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

Bishop William Stokes, Episcopal Diocese of NJ

Bonnie McMenamin, Sisters of Saint Joseph

Cantor Erica Lippitz, Oheb Shalom Congregation

Cantor Estelle Epstein, Congregation Beth Sholom

Cantor Meredith Greenberg, Temple Ner Tamid

Cantor Risa Wallach, Temple Beth El

Catholic Charities Diocese of Metuchen

Catholic Charities Diocese of Trenton

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Newark

Charlene Walker, Executive Director Faith in New Jersey

The United Church of Christ Plainfield

Deacon  Michael Giuliano, Our Lady Of Mount Carmel Catholic Church

Deacon George Carbone

Deacon Meynardo G. Espeleta, Our Lady of Mercy Parish

Deacon Omar Aguilar, Saint Joseph Pro-Cathedral Camden

Deacon Omar M Aguilar, Saint Joseph Pro-Cathedral

Deacon Paul Kazanecki, St. Peter the Apostle Church

Deacon Steven D. Greydanus Catholic – St. John’s, Orange, Archdiocese of Newark

Dr. Louie Clay, Grace Episcopal Church, Newark

Esra Tozan & Interfaith Affairs Director, Peace Islands Institute

Esther Leonard/Bachelor of Theology, Misión Bautista de Randolph

Ethan Prosnit, Rabbi, Temple Emanu-El of Westfield, NJ

Evangelist Lenora Jefferson Capital City Community Coalition, Trenton

Fr. Charles Piatt III, Shrine of St. Joseph

Fr. Charly Piatt, Shrine of St. Joseph Stirling

Fr. Darcy Quiles, Primera Iglesia Pentecostal de Dover, Dover

Fr. Gideon Uzomechina, Grace Episcopal Church, Plainfield

Fr. Hernan Arias, Saint. Margaret’s Church, Morristown

Fr. Hugh Macsherry, St. Anthony of Padua, Camden

Fr. John Fisher, OSFS Diocese of Camden

Fr. Thomas Moran, Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, Morristown

Fr. Timothy Graff, St. Joseph

Imam Benjamin Bilal, Masjidut-Taqwa, Trenton

Imam Qareeb Bashir, Islamic Center of Ewing, Ewing, NJ

Imam Saffet A. Catovic, Muslim Chaplain, Drew University Madison, NJ

Imam W. Deen Shareef, Masjid Waarith Ud Deen

Interfaith Rise

Joan M. Diefenbach, Esq., NJ Council of Churches

Leonard Rizzolo, St. Pius, Forked River

Lisa Bontemps, Elder Parkside Community Church

Lisa Zittis, Universal Life Church

Lori Ginsberg, Trustee, Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple

Lutheran Episcopal Advocacy Ministry of New Jersey (LEAMNJ)

Luz Marina Bazalar Hispanic Ministry Coordinator Shrine of St. Joseph

  1. Ali Chaudry, Ph.D., Islamic Society of Basking Ridge

Margaret Mahon, Sisters of St.Joseph, Bayonne

Mary Juliano, Sisters of St. Joseph

Minister Jacqueline Phillips, Abundant Life Family Worship Center, New Brunswick

Minister Julio Defer, Pentecostal Church, Newark

Missionary Graciela Rosas, Missionary Daughters of the Most Pure Virgin Mary, Bridgeton

Morristown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship

Mr. Andres Arango, Diocese of Camden, Camden

Mr. Ernest Revoir, Catholic Charities – Diocese of Metuchen, New Brunswick

Mr. Marcus Burnett, NJ Council of Churches

Mr. Matthew Davis, Life & Justice Ministries for the Diocese of Camden

Ms. Harinder Singh, Sikh Research Institute

Msgr. Charlie Cicerale, St. James Catholic Church, Woodbridge

New Jersey Coalition of Latino Pastors and Ministers

Pastor Abraham Orapankal, St. John Neumann, Califon

Pastor Alex Ricarte, Iglesia Principe de Paz, Morristown

Pastor Alexis Batista, La Voz Dios, Newark

Pastor Anthony Menzel, Iglesia Amor Abudante, Dover

Pastor Colby Matlock, Mt. Olive, Camden

Pastor Cynthia Black Church of the Redeemer, Morristown

Pastor David A. Davis, Nassau Presbyterian Church, Princeton

Pastor David Ruiz, Iglesia Dios de Impacto, Dover

Pastor Edwin Blas, Centro Internacional Para la Familia, Dover

Pastor Frederick Dean, Light & Love, Pemberton

Pastor Gerard Marable, St. Josephine Bakhita Parish, Camden

Pastor Guillermo Lopez, Wharton Community Church, Wharton

Pastor J. Amos Caley, Reformed Church of Highland Park

Pastor John Zamora, Iglesia Alianza de Bayonne, Bayonne

Pastor Juan Martinez, Refugio Del Cielo, Newark

Pastor Leon Harrell, Greater Refuge Church, Plainfield

Pastor Luis Carrasquillo, Iglesia Alianza de Dover, Dover

Pastor Maria Medina, Iglesia Casa de Restauracion y Sanidad Inc. Camden

Pastor Miguel Ortiz, Iglesia Pentecostal La Senda Antigua, Belleville

Pastor Moacir Weirich, St. Stephan’s Grace Community, Newark

Pastor Rafael Rosado Iglesia Buen Pastor, Newark

Pastor Selvin Galvan, Christian Church of The Living God , New Brunswick

Pastor Silvio DelCampo, Dunellen Presbyterian Church, Dunellen

Pastor Walter Cardona, Baptist church

Pastor William Henkel, First Reformed, Secaucus

Pastor Willie Shy, Living Word, Trenton

Pastoral Associate Barbara Howard, SSJ, St. Philomena, Livingston

Pastoral Associate Patricia Scalese, Catholic Community of St. Charles Borromeo Skillman

Pastoral Associate Sister Linda Klaiss, Saint Mary Catholic Parish, Newark

Rabbi Adrienne Rubin, Independent Rabbi (also Cantorial Soloist, Temple Micah)

Rabbi Alan Silverstein, Rabbinical Assembly

Rabbi Andrew R. Sklarz, Jewish

Rabbi Andy Green, Tri-County Board of Rabbis

Rabbi Ariann Weitzman, Bnai Keshet Reconstructionist Synagogue

Rabbi Arnold S. Gluck, Temple Beth-El

Rabbi Avi Friedman, Congregation Ohr Shalom – SJCC

Rabbi Barry L. Schwartz, Congregation Adas Emuno

Rabbi Benjamin David, Adath Emanu-El

Rabbi Charles A. Kroloff, Temple Emanu-El

Rabbi Daniel M Cohen, Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel

Rabbi David Bockman, Beth Shalom of Pompton Lakes, Teaneck

Rabbi David C. Levy AJC, New Jersey

Rabbi David Greenstein, Congregation Shomrei Emunah

Rabbi David Z. Vaisberg, Temple B’nai Abraham

Rabbi Donald Weber, Temple Rodeph Torah

Rabbi Elliott Tepperman, Bnai Keshet, Montclair

Rabbi Elliott Tepperman, Bnai Keshet

Rabbi Esther Reed, Rutgers Hillel

Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, Temple B’nai Abraham, Livingston

Rabbi Faith Joy Dantowitz, Temple B’nai Abraham

Rabbi Greg Litcofsky Temple Emanu-EL, Livingston

Rabbi Ira Dounn

Rabbi Jennifer Schlosberg, Glen Rock Jewish Center

Rabbi Jesse Olitzky, Beth El, South Orange

Rabbi Jesse Olitzky, Congregation Beth El

Rabbi Joel N. Abraham, Reform Judaism

Rabbi Joseph M. Forman Or Chadash

Rabbi Julia Andelman, Jewish Theological Seminary

Rabbi Justus Baird, Shalom Hartman Institute of North America

Rabbi Kerry M Olitzky

Rabbi Larry Sernovitz, Temple Emanuel, Cherry Hill

Rabbi Larry Sernovitz, Nafshenu

Rabbi Laurence W. Groffman, Temple Sholom of West Essex

Rabbi Lee S Paskind

Rabbi Marc Katz, Temple Ner Tamid

Rabbi Matthew D. Gewirtz, B’nai Jeshurun

Rabbi Maya Glasser, Jewish- Anshe Emeth Memorial Temple

Rabbi Michael Satz, Temple B’nai Or

Rabbi Philip Bazeley, Judaism

Rabbi Rachel Hertzman, Reform Judaism

Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster, T’ruah: The Rabbinic Call for Human Rights

Rabbi Randi Musnitsky, Jewish

Rabbi Steven Fineblum, Temple Sinai

Rabbi Steven Sirbu, Temple Emeth

Rabbi Victor Appell, Rutgers Hillel

Rabbi-Cantor Alan Sokoloff, Temple Emanuel of the Pascack Valley

Reformed Church of Highland Park

Reverend Albert Berner, Caldwell University, Caldwell

Reverend Alison Miller, Morristown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Morristown Morristown Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Morristown

Reverend Angel Fuentes, Fuente de Bendicion, Newark

Reverend Annie Allen, Brook Presbyterian Church

Reverend Bill Neely, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton, Princeton

Reverend Bill Neely, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton

Reverend Birgit Solano, Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, Weehawken

Reverend Bolivar Flores, New Jersey Coalition of Latino Pastors and Ministers

Reverend Brenda Wheeler Ehlers, Morrow Memorial UMC, Maplewood

Reverend Carie Morgan, First Presbyterian Church of Succusanna , Sucusanna

Reverend Carlos Soto Pentecostal Church The Paradise, Newark

Reverend Carmine Pernini ELCA

Reverend Carol S. Haag, Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Princeton

Reverend Charles Boyer, Salvation and Social Justice

Reverend Charles Perez, First United Methodist Church

Reverend Darrell Armstrong General Baptist Convention of NJ

Reverend David A. Davis, Nassau Presbyterian Church

Reverend David Ford, St. Matthew Baptist Church

Reverend David Grover, St. Clare of Assisi Roman Catholic, Gibbstown

Reverend David Smazik, Presbyterian Church of Morristown, Morristown

Reverend Dean Bracewell, Iglesia Alianza de Morristown, Morristown

Reverend Dr Nathan Busker, Ponds Reformed Church

Reverend Dr. A. Roy Medley Past President National Council of Churches

Reverend Dr. Amaury Tanon-Santos Presbyterian Synod of the Northeast

Reverend Dr. Francisco Pozo Christ Church Trenton

Reverend Dr. Jeffrey Vamos, The Presbyterian Church of Lawrenceville, Lawrenceville

Reverend Dr. Joshua Rodriguez, Senior Advisor to the NJ Council of Latino Ministers

Reverend Dr. Kenneth Hallahan, Our Lady of Hope, Blackwood

Reverend Dr. Robin Tanner, Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation

Reverend Dr. Ronald L. Owens, Faith in New Jersey / New Hope Baptist Church

Reverend Dr. Tanya Bennett Greater NJ Annual Conference, UMC

Reverend Elizabeth B. Congdon, Monmouth Center for World Religions and Ethical Thought

Reverend Elizabeth Barreto, Primera Iglesia Pentecostal Faro de Luz, Newark

Reverend Elizabeth Congdon, First Baptist, Retired, Trenton

Reverend Emilie Boggis, Beacon Unitarian Universalist Congregation in Summit (NJ)

Reverend Erwin Izeppi, Pastor, American Baptist Churches

Reverend Eugene P. Squeo, New Jersey Forum for Human Rights

Reverend Eugene Squeo, Retired, Jersey City

Reverend Francisco Martinez, Primera Iglesia Pentecostal La Palabra Verdadera, Newark

Reverend Freeman Palmer, Conference Minister of Central Atlantic Conference, United Church of Christ

Reverend Garcia Hugo, Evangelical Mennonite Church, Camden

Reverend George Farrell, St. Joseph Parish, North Plainfield

Reverend Gerald F. Greaves, Sacred Heart Church

Reverend Geralda Aldajuste, United Methodist

Reverend Girard Walmsley, Hope Memorial Baptist Church, Camden

Reverend Harriet Johnson, Park UMC

Reverend Heyward Wiggins, Camden bible tabernacle, Faith in New Jersey, Camden

Reverend Ingrid Wengert, St. Matthew Lutheran Church, Moorestown

Reverend Jack Johnson, Coalition of Religious Leaders

Reverend James Gilmour, Redemptorist, Piscataway

Reverend Jeanne Radak, Newton Presbytery

Reverend Jeivi Hercules, Roman Catholic, North Arlington

Reverend Joel Arciga Diocese Of Camden, Camden

Reverend Joel Arciga St Joseph Pro-Cathedral, Camden

Reverend John Paul Pezzi, MCCJ, Newark

Reverend John Taylor, Friendship Baptist Church, Trenton

Reverend Joseph Kerrigan, Holy Family Parish, New Brunswick

Reverend Josephat Kalema, Catholic Parish of the Transfiguration, Newark

Reverend Juan Gaviria, St. Phillips, Phillipsburg

Reverend Julio Guzman, Living Hope Church, Trenton

Reverend Karen G. Johnston, The Unitarian Society

Reverend Karen Hernandez-Granzen, Westminster Presbyterian Church

Reverend Karl Esker, St. James RC, Newark

Reverend Kevin Kelly, Holy Family Parish, New Brunswick

Reverend Kimberly Wildszewski, Unitarian Universalist

Reverend Leslie Dobbs-Allsopp, Elizabeth Presbytery

Reverend Leslie Houseworth-Fields, St. Mark’s United Methodist Church

Reverend Louise Scott-Rountree, Clergy Affairs Manager, Office of the Mayor of Newark, Newark

Reverend Matthew Hillyard Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Camden

Reverend Michael Crummy Roman Catholic, Woodbridge

Reverend Mildred Morris, Capital City Community Coalition, Trenton

Reverend Molly Dykstra, First Presbyterian Church

Reverend Msgr. Anselm Nwaorgu, Blessed Sacrament St. Charles Borromeo Church Newark

Reverend Msgr. Joseph J. Kerrigan Jr., Holy Family Parish

Reverend Msgr. Richard Arnhols, St. John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church Bergenfield

Reverend Nelson Rabell, Apostle’s Lutheran Church, Turnersville

Reverend Nicholas S. Gengaro, Seton Hall School of Law

Reverend Osvaldo Jimenez, First Baptist Church, Morristown

Reverend Osvaldo Jimenez, American Baptist Churches USA

Reverend Patricia Daley, Westminster Presbyterian, Trenton

Reverend Patrick Brady, Catholic, Atlantic City

Reverend Peter De Franco, St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Clifton

Reverend Philip Waters, St. Mary’s, Newark

Reverend Ramon Collazo, Santa Isabel Lutheran Church, Elizabeth

Reverend Randy Van Doornik, North Reformed Church, Newark

Reverend Rene Canales, St. Gabriel the Archangel-St. Clare of Assisi, Carneys Point/Swedesboro

Reverend Rob Gregson, Unitarian Universalist FaithAction NJ

Reverend Robert Benko, Franciscan Friar, Point Pleasant Beach

Reverend Robert Gregorio, Glassboro

Reverend Robert Moore, Coalition for Peace Action

Reverend Ron King, Simple Church Network, Mount Holly

Reverend Rusty Eidmann-Hicks, Central Atlantic Conference of the United Church of Christ

Reverend Sammy Arroyo, The United Methodist Church of Greater New Jersey

Reverend Sara Lilja, Lutheran Office of Governmental Ministry, Hamilton Square

Lutheran Episcopal Advocacy Ministryof New Jersey

Reverend Scott Russell, Ecumenical and Interfaith Officer, Episcopal Diocese of New Jersey

Reverend Scott Sammler-Michael, Co-Minister, Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Montclair

Reverend Seth Kaper-Dale, The Reformed Church of Highland Park

Reverend Silvio Del Campo, First Presbyterian Church of Dunellen, NJ

Reverend Sonya Redd, Galilee Baptist, Newark

Reverend Susan Dorward, Reformed Church of American

Reverend Terrence Moran, Sisters of Charity of Saint Elizabeth, Office of Peace, Justice and Ecological Integrity, Convent Station

Reverend Terry Odien, Christ Our Light, Cherry Hill

Reverend Thomas Newton. Christ our Light, Cherry Hill

Reverend Timothy Levi Atkins-Jones, Bethany Baptist Church

Reverend Tony Evans, Tenth Street Baptist Church, Camden

Reverend William Johnson, Iglesia Alianza de Elizabeth, Elizabeth

Richard Lyons , Diocese of Metuchen, Piscataway

Secretary Mary Larkin, Belmar

Sister Alice Yohe, Sisters of St. Joseph, Scotch plains

Sister Anne Francine, SSJ, Point Pleasant Beach

Sister Bernadette Gachiri, SMI, Elmer

Sister Bernadette McMenamin, Sister of St. Joseph, Cherry Hill

Sister Clare Tully, Sr. of St. Joseph, Piscataway

Sister Clarisa Vazquez, Sisters of St. Joseph, Maple Shade

Sister Dolores Clerico , Srs. of St. Joseph, Cherry Hill

Sister Donna Minster Sisters of St Joseph, Camden

Sister Dorothy Giloley SSJ, Catholic

Sister Eileen McGovern, Sisters of St. Joseph, Franklin Lakes

Sister Jeanne McGowan, SSJ, President, Sister of Saint Joseph

Sister Joan Sullivan, Sisters of St. Joseph, Teaneck

Sister Joyce Valese, SSJ, Manasquan

Sister Judith Gallen, Sisters of St. Joseph, Vineland

Sister Kathleen Boyle, Sisters Of St. Joseph

Sister Kathleen Brown, Divine Mercy Parish, Vineland

Sister Kathy McShane, Sisters of St. Joseph Cherry Hill

Sister Kay Coll, Sisters of St. Joseph of Chestnut Hill, Newark

Sister Margaret McFadden, Sister of St. Joseph, Vineland

Sister Mary Ann Mulzet, Sisters of St. Joseph, Wildwood

Sister Maureen P. Walsh, Sisters of St. Joseph, Newark

Sister Rita Karnell, Sisters of St. Joseph, Westville

sister Rose Marie Kean, Sisters of St.Joseph, Franklin Lakes

Sister Ruthann O’Mara, Sisters of St. Joseph, Westville

Sister Sheila Murphy Sisters of Saint Joseph, Wildwood

Sister Therese Dowd, Sisters of St. Joseph, Manasquan

Sister Veronica Roche, St. Joseph Pro Cathedral, Camden

Sr Marie Olwell, Sisters of St. Joseph

Sr. Ann Barry SSJ, Philadelphia, Lincroft

Sr. Kathleen Mcgonigle, Sisters of St. Joseph

Sr. Lillian K Needham, SSJ, Sisters of St Joseph, Chestnut Hill,

Sr. Maria de Jesus Herrera, MDPVM, Parish of the Holy Cross

Sr. Peg Boyle, Sister of St. Joseph, Marlton

Sr. Regina Chassar, SSJ, Teaneck

Sr. Ruth Bolarte, Diocese of Metuchen, Somerville

Sr. Sharon McCarthy, Notre Dame Convent

Sr. T. Joyce Valese, Sisters of St. Joseph

Temple Ner Tamid

The Most Reverend James F. Checchio, Diocese of Metuchen

The Rev. Dámaris Ortega, United Church of Christ Congregational, Plainfield

The Rev. David DeSmith, St. David’s Episcopal Church, Kinnelon

The Rev. Douglas Shepler, Second Reformed Church, New Brunswick

The Rev. Dr. J. Brent Bates, Grace Church in Newark, Newark

The Rev. Gregory Bezilla, Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, South River

The Rev. Jan Willem van der Werff, First Presbyterian Church of Dutch Neck, West Windsor

The Rev. Joanna Hollis, Christ Episcopal Church, New Brunswick

The Reverend Diana L. Wilcox, Christ Episcopal Church in Bloomfield & Glen Ridge

The Reverend Dr. Anthony P. Johnson, Unitarian Universalist Community Minister

The Reverend Javier Viera, Dean, Drew University Theological School

The Reverend Kathryn S. Irwin, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

The Reverend Rod Perez-Vega, Rector, St. John’s Episcopal Church

Unitarian Society of Ridgewood

UU Faith Action NJ

Very Reverend Archimandrite Ambrose Bitziadis-Bowers, Ecumenical Officer, Greek Metropolis of NJ

Very Reverend Patrick Kuffner, Roman Catholic, Middlesex

Very Reverend Peter A. Baktis, Orthodox Church of America

Very Reverend Peter Cebulka, CO, The Catholic Center at Rutgers, New Brunswick

Winston Riley III, Quaker, Mt. Holly


Editorial Board Endorsements, Public Statements of Support, and Op-Eds

  • 12.13.19 – Giving Undocumented Residents Access to Licenses is About Fairness and Safety, Lawmakers Say

Senator Teresa Ruiz and Senator Nellie Pou, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist


  • 12.12.19-Mayors Across New Jersey Voice Support For Driver’s Licenses For All Residents, Regardless of Immigration Status

Fifteen mayors from Bridgeton to Newark urge the state leadership to approve S3229/A4743, InsiderNJ Press Release


  • 12.11.19- Advocates for Women’s Health and Domestic Violence Survivors Voice Support for Expanded Access to Driver’s Licenses for All Regardless of Immigration Status in New Jersey

NJCEDV, Partners For Women and Justice, Women Center, Press Release Insider NJ


  • 12.10.19- 14 states gave undocumented immigrants access to driver’s licenses. Now, it’s N.J.’s turn. | Opinion

Erika J. Nava, Policy Analyst, New Jersey Policy Perspective, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist


  • 12.9.19- Everyone – including the poor, undocumented – should have access to a driver’s licenses, lawmaker says

Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist 


  • 12.6.19- We can’t exclude immigrants from the fight for racial justice | Opinion

Charles F. Boyer, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist 


  • 12.4.19- Driver’s Licenses for Immigrants a vehicle to opportunity- Bruce Lowery

Bruce Lowery, North Jersey News


  • 12.4.19- On driver’s licenses, put road safety before immigration politics | Editorial

Star Leader Editorial Board


  • 11.13.19 – Police Chief Luis Guzman Supports Drivers’ Licenses for All Qualified Drivers

Chief of Detectives Quovella Spruill, Lt. Nick Bucci, Chief of Police Luis A. Guzman, Insider NJ 


SHCCNJ President Carlos Medina, Press Release, Sparta Independent 

  • 10.16.19- 100+ Faith Leaders and Clergy Urge New Jersey State Leadership to Prioritize Expanding Access to Driver’s Licenses

Faith Leaders Across New Jersey, Letter to Leadership, Press Release, InsiderNJ


  • 9.25.19- Barchi pushes lawmakers on driver’s licenses for undocumented immigrants

Robert Barchi, President of Rutgers University, Politico PRO


  • 9.9.19 – Rutgers President Barchi, Mayor Cahill of New Brunswick

Mayor Jim Cahill, Tap Into 


  • 9.5.19 – Over 100 NJ Dreamers, Immigrant and Youth Leaders Urge New Jersey Leadership to Immediately Expand Access to Driver’s Licenses on Anniversary of DACA’s End

Erika Martinez, Esder Chong, Cinthia Osorio, Insider NJ 


  • 9.4.19- Op-Ed: NJ should give all immigrants access to driver’s licenses

Johanna Calle, NJ Spotlight  


  • 6.21.19 – Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman releases video statement supporting expanding access to driver’s licenses in New Jersey

Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman, Facebook 


  • 6.20.19 – Assemblywoman Timberlake releases video statement in support of expanding access to driver’s licenses

Assemblywoman Timberlake, Facebook 


  • 6.19.19 – SandSJ Endorses Drivers’ License for Undocumented Immigrants

Dr. Charles Boyer, Founder, and Director of SandSJ, InsiderNJ 


  • 6.16.19- My life in New Jersey as a father without access to a driver’s license

John Jario, Father and member of Wind of the Spirit New Jersey, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist 

  • 6.6.19 – The Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey Supports Bills A4743/S3229, Which Allow New Jersey Residents Who Do Not Qualify For a Real ID Act License, To Receive a Driver’s License

Hispanic Bar Association of New Jersey Press Statement


  • 5.12.19- ‘You and I are alike,’ immigrant mom says. I need a driver’s license to get my girls to school, to run errands.

Alberta Jimenez, mother and member of Make The Road New Jersey, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist 


  • 4.26.19- Immigration status shouldn’t be deterrent to driver’s license | Opinion

Rabbi Marc Katz, Temple Ner Tamid, Opinion


  • 4.26.19- I’m a dreamer who needs a driver’s license

Eri Torres, youth leader & member of Wind of the Spirit,  Star-Ledger Guest Columnist 


  • 4.25.19 – Senator Sacco Announces Support for Driver’s Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants

Senator Sacco, Bishop Antonio A. Merino, Insider NJ 



  • 4.2.19- Ignore Trump’s rhetoric and expand access to driver’s licenses, activist says

Patricia Campos-Medina, labor, Latino activist, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist


  • 3.27.19 – AFTNJ’s Chiera Calls For Expanding Access To Drivers’ Licenses For Immigrants

Donna M. Chiera, AFTNJ President, Press Statement


  • 3.28.19 – DE-NJ NLG Endorses Let’s Drive NJ, Urges Gov., Legislators to Expand Access to Licenses

DE-NJ NLG, Press Release


  • 3.24.19 – Workers, senior citizens, and others may suffer if there’s no alternative to the REAL ID license, union says

Kevin Brown, Vice President & NJ District Director of 32BJ SEIU


  • 3.7.19 – Star-Ledger Editorial Board – These licenses would steer N.J. toward safety

Star-Ledger Editorial Board



  • 2.27.19 –  Op-Ed: It Shouldn’t Be So Hard to Obtain a State ID in New Jersey

Jamal Brown, Health Access advocate, Camden Health Coalition, NJSpotlight Opinion


  • 2.12.19 – Giving young undocumented immigrants a driver’s license benefits us all: Rutgers student and chancellor

Nancy Cantor, Rutgers University-Newark and Esder Chong, DACA-recipient, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist



  • 1.10.19 – #Resistance Activists Demand NJ Legislative Leadership “Post Bill to Expand Access to Drivers Licenses For a Vote Now!”

Progressive activists are driving calls to urge Assembly Speaker Coughlin to post bill A4743 up for vote to expand access to drivers licenses to more residents including undocumented immigrants


  • 1.9.19- Let’s hit the gas on drivers licenses for undocumented immigrants | Editorial

Star-Ledger Editorial Board


12.17.18- Expanding Access to Driver’s Licenses Would be New Jersey Safer, Fairer

Catholic Charities-Dioceses of Trenton


  • 12.14.18- I am a Veteran. I and Fellow Veterans are Fighting to Make N.J. a Better Home

Dr. Troy Mack, Veterans For American Ideals NY/NJ, InsiderNJ Guest Contributor


  • 12.10.18-We need a standard driver’s license that meets ‘real’ New Jerseyans’ needs

Ron Chen, professor of law at Rutgers Law School, member of the ACLU-NJ Board of Trustees and the former Public Advocate of New Jersey, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist


  • 11.12.18- OP-ED: Expand access to driver’s licenses to all residents

Erika J. Nava, New Jersey Policy Perspective,


  • 10.31.18-NOW-NJ Joins Let’s Drive NJ Campaign to Expand Access to Driver’s Licenses for More Residents

NOW-NJ Statement in Support, Insider NJ Press Release


  • 10.15.18 – NAACP New Jersey State Conference Joins Let’s Drive NJ Campaign in Support of Expanding Access to Driver’s Licenses

NAACP New Jersey State Conference, Press Release, InsiderNJ


  • 10.11.18- N.J. should allow trans people to get a driver’s license that reflects their gender identity | Opinion

Aaron Potenza, Garden State Equality, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist


  • 10.22.18- Give unauthorized immigrants a driver’s license | Editorial

Star-Ledger Editorial Board


  • 9.11.18- Under Trump, immigrants have it bad – black immigrants even worse. N.J can help | Opinion

Archange Antoine, Director of Faith in New Jersey, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist


  • 7.24.18- I’m an immigrant and an Air Force veteran: Here’s how we protect families from being separated | Opinion

Ksenia Voropaeva, Air Force Veteran, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist


  • 6.16.19 Driver’s licenses for undocumented benefit citizens too: Nava

Erika Nava, Policy Analyst, Asbury Park Press


  • 4.9.18 – I’ve made a family here after the Haiti earthquake. Don’t take it all away | Opinion

Leroy Montel, TPS Holder, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist


  • 2.8.18 – Why unauthorized immigrants should be permitted to drive legally | Opinion

Erika J. Nava, Policy Analyst, Star-Ledger Guest Columnist


  • 1.17.18 – 2 DACA recipients: Here’s what N.J. can do to help us despite impasse in D.C. | Opinion

Adriana Gonzalez and Joana Costa, New Jersey DACA Recipients, Star-Ledger Guest Columnists

  • 1.12.18 –  Expand access to driver’s licenses in New Jersey | Opinion

Assemblywoman Annette Quijano, Prime Sponsor of Legislation, 


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