Neptune Township Joins More Than 100 Localities in Support of Medicare for All


Neptune Township Joins More Than 100 Localities in 

Support of Medicare for All


NEPTUNE TOWNSHIP, N.J. – The Neptune Township City Council unanimously passed a resolution endorsing a nationwide Medicare for All program yesterday, sending a strong message of support for ending for-profit health care in favor of a universal system without copays or out-of-pocket costs.


Neptune Township is the 16th municipality in New Jersey and the third in Monmouth County to pass a resolution in support of Medicare for All, following Newark earlier this month. The effort is being organized by Our Revolution NJ.


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 9.6% of people under age 65 in Neptune Township and 3.7% of children in Monmouth County do not have health insurance. In the state of New Jersey, 19% of Hispanic residents and 11% of Black residents are uninsured and 72% of the total uninsured population are people of color.


“Medical care is a basic human right that too many Neptune residents have to ration or go without due to excessive costs,” said Keith Cafferty, the mayor of Neptune Township, who championed the Resolution. “We as elected officials must advocate on their behalf for a more just and fair system. It is my sincere hope that adding our support behind this initiative can lead to federal action in the near future.”


Medicare for All is single-payer, universal healthcare soon to be reintroduced in the 118th Congress that is free at the point of service, includes dental, vision, and long term care, and covers everyone. Studies have shown that Medicare for All would create better health outcomes, at significantly lower costs, resulting in savings for taxpayers, communities, and municipal, county, and state governments.


“As mayor, it is my duty to advocate on behalf of this community, which includes nearly 30,000 beating hearts.” continued Cafferty. “It is my wish for the minds assigned to those hearts—and those of family and friends—to no longer have to worry about crushing medical debt whenever someone has to dial 911.”


Bryan Acciani, member of the Our Revolution Monmouth County chapter, added: “Healthcare is an issue that affects everyone and it’s inspiring to see our local elected officials speaking out on something of such importance.”


“A universal, single payer, healthcare system which is free at the point of service such as Medicare for All is the only fair way for all of our neighbors to receive the treatments they need,” said Joan Farkas, chairperson of Our Revolution Monmouth County. “I commend the leadership of Neptune for going on record with the belief that healthcare is a human right and that communities can only be as healthy as their least healthy neighbor by recognizing the need for Medicare for All and passing tonight’s resolution.”


“New Jersey is ramping up for Medicare for All,” said Brittany Shannahan, an organizer with the Medicare For All campaign at Public Citizen. “Thanks to the leadership of Our Revolution New Jersey, local, committed leaders in the state are increasingly standing up for universal healthcare, putting people over profits.”


New Jerseyans largely support expanding Medicare to provide health care coverage to every U.S. resident, regardless of age or employment status, according to a recent Rutgers-Eagleton Poll.

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