New Jersey Wind Works Coalition to hold Offshore Wind and Clean Energy Rally, Saturday June 10 in Long Branch

New Jersey Wind Works Coalition to hold Offshore Wind and Clean Energy Rally, Saturday June 10 in Long Branch

Long Branch, NJ – Environmental groups, government leaders, faith based organizations, union representatives, and more will come together on Saturday, June 10 from 12 noon to 3 p.m. in Long Branch, New Jersey to support responsible offshore wind, green jobs, and a clean energy future. This coalition rally will educate people about offshore wind, the impacts of climate change, and how we can take action to effectively protect our marine wildlife. It will demonstrate that New Jersey residents want climate action and clean energy solutions now for the benefit of future generations.

Who: NJ Sierra Club, New Jersey LCV, Pinelands Preservation Alliance, ANJEC, Greenpeace, and more. Speakers include New Jersey DEP Commissioner, Shawn LaTourette, New Jersey Senator, Andrew Zwicker, former Senate President, Steve Sweeney, New Jersey Assemblyman, Wayne DeAnjelo, Atlantic County Commissioner, Caren Fitzpatrick, Danielle Holland from Greenpeace, Phil Radford from Sierra Club, and Reverend Ronald Tuft from GreenFaith.

What: NJ Wind Works Rally: Harnessing the Wind for a Lasting Renewable Future

When: Saturday June 10, 12-3 PM

Where: The Great Lawn at Beachfront North, Long Branch, NJ (facilities available, wheelchair accessible).

Joint Livestream Link: 

Transportation: Public parking lots, public transit accessible via train (details here).

Addressing the climate crisis requires urgent and determined action to best protect New Jersey communities and wildlife. Fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas are the leading cause of climate change. New Jersey must lead the charge in putting an end to our fossil fuel reliance and safely and equitably developing clean, renewable energy sources, like offshore wind.

Not only can New Jersey’s three wind projects generate enough clean electricity to power 2 million homes directly in our state, it will power our state’s economy, as the average wind farm off of New Jersey’s shore is expected to create 4,300 jobs and add $702 million to the state’s economy.

Additionally, it is important to recognize that climate change is the greatest threat to our marine wildlife as warming waters and changing ecosystems push marine mammals closer to our shores and into dangerous, busy shipping lanes and ports where they are vulnerable to vessel strikes. The New Jersey offshore wind projects have several measures in place to mitigate impacts to wildlife.

Now is the time to transition to a clean energy economy as New Jersey continues to experience climate change firsthand. Offshore wind is our greatest climate solution, and this rally will take a stand for climate action now.


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