Nicholas Vitebsky’s Nonprofit Runs Coding Workshops For Students

Nicholas Vitebsky’s Nonprofit Runs Coding Workshops For Students



Nicholas Vitebsky, a senior at Mendham High School, runs a nonprofit organization called STEAM Forward Inc. Founded in 2017, the organization aims to end education inequity through coding workshops and other STEAM-related content. They’ve run workshops for disadvantaged students thanks to their extensive volunteer network comprised of high school and college students.


In all areas related to STEM and arts, STEAM Forward Inc. is involved with all types of communities. From running an annual charity concert at the Highlands Ridge Park in Chester with 6 musical ensembles from Mendham High School to running coding workshops for disadvantaged kids, the organization provides Vitebsky with a unique vehicle for giving back to his community. ‘I wanted to give others a helping hand once I realized how valuable that guidance is for people without a supportive family situation like my own,’ Vitebsky told us.


Connecting with the community isn’t all that STEAM Forward does. Accredited by the organization CSForALL and published in 4+ news sources, Vitebsky’s organization is in constant contact with large corporations and other nonprofits. They’ve worked in collaboration with the international 501(c)3 nonprofit Action in Africa and have accrued a commendable list of corporate sponsors including VMG and AWS.


Vitebsky has also created content and materials to supplement the work that STEAM Forward does. His new book, “If Coding, Then Happy,” is distributed at workshops to encourage students to continue their CS education. The book is published on Amazon. He’s also created a mobile application to help people learn coding – it’s called “Codeable.” The open-source project is on his Github page at the username nv1327.


Vitebsky plans to keep increasing the reach of STEAM Forward Inc. in the coming future. He’s excited for what’s in store in the next few years.


Read more about Nick Vitebsky’s nonprofit at, or @steamforwardinc on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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