Nick D’Agostino Condemns Attacks Against Senator Oroho, Calls on Opponent to Join Him

The attacks against Senator Oroho NEED TO STOP. He is NOT on the ballot and he is the Minority Leader of our Republicans in the Senate. Insisting he is a hypocrite in his Catholic faith by referencing ”the prayer breakfasts and the beads” is completely inappropriate. I’ve known him for many years and he is certainly, before anything else, a man of God. More recently, someone suggested that he “has failed miserably as the minority leader” and that ”he had to resign in disgrace.” Steve Oroho has dedicated DECADES to public office and has spent countless hours tending to the needs of his constituents. He simply believes in passing the torch to new voices and knows when it’s time to do so.

We have a crucial election coming up in November, with a chance to have a Republican majority in both the Senate and Assembly. If successful, we will finally put a stranglehold on the dangerous path that Governor Murphy has put New Jersey on. This kind of rhetoric against the leader of our party diminishes our chances of victory and, just as regrettably, diminishes the legacy of a man who has worked hard and has always done his best for our community. Please cease fire and focus on actual issues!

As one of us will represent Sussex County moving forward, I call on my primary opponent, Herb Yardley, to join me in condemning these personal attacks on Senator Oroho. The floor is yours…

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