NJ GOP Chair of Chairs Calls for Gas Tax Relief

Arango backs Meissner for U.S. Senate.

Inflation is making life much more difficult for hardworking families across America. All the policies of the Biden administration, from running up excessive deficits to capping North American energy production, are to blame. There is one thing we can do here in New Jersey to ease some of the pain.

As Chair of the New Jersey Republican Chairs Association, I call on our Assembly and Senate leadership to take two steps. One is to permanently repeal the 2016 gas tax increase of 22.6 cents per gallon and instead focus on increasing construction efficiencies to help fund transportation projects. The second would be a full moratorium on the total 42.4 cent a gallon tax until pretax gasoline prices drop from the current $2.66 per gallon to $2. By my calculations, this would save the average New Jersey family with two vehicles $40 per month. That may not seem like a lot, but its slight relief when inflation is taking $250 more per month out of family’s budgets. Considering some Democrats in Congress are calling for a federal gas tax holiday, New Jersey needs to lead the way.

Our current administration needs to change its approaches to spending, energy production and the cost of living. But until then maybe New Jersey can help families that have been going through a lot these last few years.

Jose Arango
Chairman of NJ Republican County Chairs

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