Norcross, Fellow Task Force Leaders Urge President Trump to Develop Comprehensive Infrastructure Plan

Norcross, Fellow Task Force Leaders Urge President Trump to Develop Comprehensive Infrastructure Plan


Norcross is Co-Chair of the Rebuilding America Task Force


WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Donald Norcross (NJ-01) – a co-chair of the House Democratic Caucus Rebuilding America Task Force and electrician by trade – wrote to President Donald Trump on Monday expressing concern that his administration lacks a comprehensive plan for the future of America’s infrastructure.


Norcross urged the president to immediately develop an infrastructure plan that includes job opportunities with fair wages, skill development programs and comprehensive improvements for our schools, roads, and bridges.


“We need to update our aging infrastructure and, when we invest properly, we will add high-skilled, high-wage jobs,”  said Congressman Norcross. “I worked as electrician and learned the value of hard work while connecting and restoring power for New Jersey homes and businesses. I know that the best social program is a good job with fair wages – and we can put Americans to work right now on projects that will make our communities safer. We need a real, comprehensive infrastructure plan from this Administration because  our country desperately needs to invest in our roads, bridges, rails, ports, airports, Electric Grid, pipes and more.”


The Rebuilding America Task Force is pushing the Administration to put Americans back to work by rebuilding our nation’s crumbling infrastructure, expanding job opportunities in key industries, advancing school construction projects, hardening our power grid, improving storm resiliency, expanding internet access, getting lead out of our pipes and more. Updating our aging infrastructure is also a guaranteed job creator that would provide security for middle-class families and working men and women. One study from the Council of Economic Advisers found that for every $1 billion spent on infrastructure, 27,000 jobs are directly created.


“President Trump has long touted his intent to overhaul America’s infrastructure, and yet, 10 months into his presidency, we still haven’t seen an actual plan to accomplish this goal,” said House Democratic Caucus Chairman Joe Crowley (D-NY). “With the leadership of Congressman Norcross, I’m confident in House Democrats’ ability to craft policy that will advance our nation’s infrastructure system and help create good-paying jobs across the country.”


Click here to read the full letter.


The Rebuilding America Task Force is one of five Democratic Caucus Jobs For America Task Forces aimed at identifying opportunities and solutions for American workers in five key areas: Rebuilding America, Jobs With Dignity, Access to Jobs, New Economy, and Reinvesting in Our Returning Heroes. In the coming months, co-chairs of each task force will meet with American workers, business and labor leaders and issue experts to develop policy goals and solutions that will benefit all Americans. The effort was launched by the House Democratic Caucus in September.


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