Official Statement from Will Cunningham on the Release of 3 New Policy Platforms​

Official Statement from Will Cunningham on the Release of 3 New Policy Platforms​


I am proud to announce my campaign’s release of three new progressive policy platforms on, HealthcareSocial Justice and Police Accountability, and LGBTQ Equality. For me, policy is a personal matter. In Congress, I hope to help the families and children of New Jersey’s Second Congressional District achieve their dreams through compassionate, data-driven, and progressive policies. I believe in the power of government to make structural reform, but this can only be done through true progressive policies built for the 21st century.

Adequate universal healthcare is a right, not a privilege. America must rise to the occasion and provide healthcare for every citizen. Working families across the political spectrum have suffered long enough under our inefficient healthcare system. Medicare for All can act as an equalizer in American society, promoting improved health outcomes among all sectors of society. It is imperative that we work to ensure equitable access to healthcare, especially among historically marginalized populations. Medicare for All is the best legislative solution to this problem and if elected to Congress I will fight to ensure all Americans have access to high quality and accessible care.

We must shrink police power and budgets and instead invest in community-led health and safety solutions. I propose ending qualified immunity laws, drastically raising police accountability, and eliminating absurd measures of police militarization. In our criminal justice system, prisoners are not a commodity. Once Americans have paid their debt to society and reformed their lives, they should be afforded the same rights and privileges as their fellow Americans—that means unfettered access to voting rights, housing rights, and employment rights. We must expunge the records of non-violent drug offenders and legalize marijuana nationwide. America’s strength has always been its diversity—but that diversity can only flourish if all Americans are treated equally by those serving to protect.

America was founded on the pillars of liberty and equality. No one in this country should be discriminated against because of who they are or who they love. LGBTQ Americans, like myself, deserve the chance to work hard, support their families, and live their lives free of harassment and discrimination. The June 15th decision by the Supreme Court is a positive step towards full LGBTQ equality, but we have to push on. The Senate must pass the Equality Act immediately.

My candidacy is founded upon ideals of progressivism and systemic reform. It is time that South Jersey has a leader who understands the struggle of our communities and will work tirelessly to strengthen them. I intimately understand the experiences of South Jerseyans and I am fully prepared to be their strongest advocate on Capitol Hill.

Our full platform can be found at:


Will Cunningham is a South Jersey native running to be the Democratic nominee in the July 7, 2020 primary to challenge party-switcher Jeff Van Drew in November.Cunningham’s investigations on the House Oversight Committee resulted in the firing of the CEO of e-cigarette company JUUL for marketing to children, student loan relief from predatory for-profit colleges Betsy DeVos protects, and the removal of Johnson & Johnson’s talc-based baby powder from the North American market.

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