Old Bridge Mayoral Candidate Razzoli Takes Issue With Pallone Robocall

Old Bridge Councilman Mark Razzoli

Statement from Mark Razzoli, Councilman and Mayoral Candidate, Old Bridge Twp. 2019:


“As a Democratic candidate for Mayor of Old Bridge this year, I am perplexed by the state of indifference from our representatives regarding the glaring issues facing our town. I am even more dismayed at the level of gimmickry taking place, as if the taxpayers of Old Bridge are too simplistic to think for themselves.


I am referring specifically to the actions of Congressman Frank Pallone, who has graced us in Old Bridge with his presence every two years; when it comes time to seek photo opportunities and to garner the interest of voters to help him get re-elected.


The liberal and  socialist rhetoric that has become Pallone’s social media mantra, has no place in a town like Old Bridge. Frank Pallone calls  himself an “environmentalist”? Has he seen the Old Bridge waterfront? Perhaps the view from Long Branch is obstructed by the wall around Old Bridge that the current Mayor Owen Henry has erected to isolate the town from county and state funding sources.


My team and I are running under the heading of Old Bridge Democrats for Good Government, and we chose that with good reason.  We put our taxpayers first, we support first responders and Labor, and our campaign platform is built around transparency, truth, and results.


For Frank Pallone to stoop to robo-calling residents, asking them to vote for a candidate that cannot even keep his own ward clean is an embarrassment and insult to us all. For some reason, the “party” is only interested in puppets that they can control. Team Razzoli will not be controlled by party bosses; we are accountable only to the residents of Old Bridge, and the thought of that sent shock waves across the party. We will win our votes by walking all 41 square miles of the town and by carefully listening to the voices of our own community.”

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