Opportunity NJ to Hold News Conference on July 18

Opportunity NJ to Hold News Conference on July 18



NJBIA President & CEO Michele Sierkerka, Esq., co-chair of Opportunity New Jersey (ONJ), will hold a press conference/Webex conference with fellow ONJ co-chair Tom Bracken, the president & CEO of the NJ State Chamber of Commerce, to announce the formation of the New Jersey Economic Development and Advisory Council, as well as to release the “Plan for an Affordable New Jersey” at 11 a.m. July 18, at NJBIA, 10 W. Lafayette St., Trenton.

This press event will also take place via Webex conference call. Media question-and-answer session will follow. RSVP to kobrien@mww.com for conference call details.

The formation of ONJ’s New Jersey Economic Development and Advisory Council is intended to give statewide business and economic concerns a forum to share information, research, and data on policies that impact job creation, as well as economic stability and growth; the tenets of the “Plan for an Affordable New Jersey.”

The Council will include members from the Board of Opportunity NJ, who are in the process of engaging leaders and representatives from various business, labor, nonprofit, and regional economic development entities throughout the state to join the Council.

About Opportunity NJ

Established in February of 2016, Opportunity NJ is a non-partisan, grassroots coalition comprised of New Jersey interests representing employers, employees, business, trade groups, community organizations and other concerned citizens in the State. The organization includes interests who employ more than 2.5 million jobs in New Jersey. With no direct ties to political parties or government, ONJ serves as an independent voice to provide data-based education about New Jersey policy actions – and to support policies that encourage job growth, affordability and prosperity in New Jersey. To learn more, visit www.opportunitynj.org

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