Oroho: Why Is Murphy Opposed to Making Government More Efficient & Affordable?

Oroho: Why Is Murphy Opposed to Making Government More Efficient & Affordable?

Governor Vetoes Bipartisan Bill Establishing “Government Efficiency and Regulatory Review Commission”

Senator Steven Oroho questioned why Governor Phil Murphy would veto bipartisan legislation (A-4810/S-441) designed to reduce bureaucratic red tape, improve government efficiency, and produce savings for taxpayers.

“Why is Governor Murphy opposed to making government more efficient and affordable?” Oroho (R-24) asked. “By vetoing this legislation, he’s essentially saying there’s no problem with excessive bureaucracy in New Jersey or government being too expensive. If he took the time to speak to actual taxpayers or anyone trying to do business in the state, he’d realize he’s dead wrong.”

Oroho, the Senate Republican Budget Officer, sponsored the legislation with Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee Chairman Paul Sarlo (D-36).

The vetoed legislation would have created a nine-member Government Efficiency and Regulatory Review Commission to evaluate all proposed and adopted regulations, rules and executive orders. The commission would have considered the impact of rules on the economy and determined if their benefits outweighed the burdens placed on business and government.

The members of the commission, which would have represented both the executive and legislative branches of State government, would have focused on addressing the State’s economic viability and prosperity, according to the bill.

“This is yet another example of Governor Murphy not wanting to be held accountable by anyone,” added Oroho. “He doesn’t want there to be any opportunity for oversight that might question or challenge the regulations and executive orders he and his administration have been issuing with impunity.”

The bipartisan legislation passed the Senate in February in a 35-0 vote in February. It passed the General Assembly in a 72-1 vote in November.

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