Our Revolution Trenton Mercer Unanimously Endorses Algernon Ward for Trenton City Council, North Ward

Our Revolution Trenton Mercer Unanimously Endorses Algernon Ward for Trenton City Council, North Ward

TRENTON –  Our Revolution Trenton Mercer (ORTM) today endorsed Algernon Ward for Trenton North Ward Councilman in the November 8th election. ORTM’s voting members unanimously voted in favor. The Mercer County chapter of Our Revolution’s national network, ORTM adds more people-power and progressive energy to Ward’s campaign.


Ward shared: “I am proud and grateful that ORTM has recognized my record of community activism. I’m excited to work with a new generation of progressives willing to do the hard work needed to make a difference in our communities. I believe the future of Trenton is brighter when enlightened groups like ORTM get involved to help people meet the challenges we face in our daily lives”.


A Trenton native and community leader, Ward has lived the struggles facing working-class Trentonians. His leadership was pivotal in defeating the wealthy interests attempting to profit from privatizing Trenton Water Works. In the process, he won a NJ Supreme Court case, preserving New Jerseyans’ right to Initiative and Referendum.


 Other accomplishments:

  • Removal of contaminated soil from MLK Middle School construction site (Cost: $150M)

  • Won referendum replacing Trenton’s Police Chief with more accountable Police Director

  • Co-Chairman, Trenton Community Credit Union’s Board of Incorporators: enables Trentonians’ money to work for them, instead of private banks

  • Community leader in Trenton Housing Authority’s CHOICE Neighborhood Program that grants $20k to homeowners for repairs

  • President, 6th Regiment US Colored Troops. Helping restore Locust Hill, Trenton’s last segregated cemetery, and build a museum there


ORTM Elections Chair and elected Mercer County Democratic Committee (MCDC) member Brady Rivera praised Ward:

“Algernon is well-positioned to address the key issues of Trenton’s crumbling housing infrastructure and dysfunctional health department. His “Property Swap” plan will develop new housing without displacing native Trentonians. As the New Jersey Department of Health’s first African American Research Scientist, Algernon knows how to revive a robust Trenton Health Department. These bold, progressive ideas, plus his experience working with the Trenton Community Credit Union, make a brighter future more than possible.


Together with Algernon Ward, we can fix Trenton’s broken city council.”


Ward’s platform can be found on his website. Highlights:

  • Affordable Housing, neighborhood revitalization via Property Swap and blight removal

  • Public Safety: Civilian Review Board; crime prevention, not crime reaction

  • Improve Public Transportation, plus senior accommodations

  • Make Downtown Trenton an Entertainment District; develop historical tourism


Ward joins At-Large candidate Kadja Manuel as an ORTM-endorsed candidate. Candidates seeking endorsement should contact ORTrentonMercer@gmail.com.


Joe Marchica, ORTM Founder and Chair, and elected MCDC member, concluded:

“I am impressed by Algernon’s record of successful advocacy for the people of Trenton. We often highlight the need for young, fresh perspectives in politics, and rightfully so. We also need leaders ready to share their insight with a new generation of progressive activists. We’re excited to help put Algernon on City Council, where his experience is sorely needed.”




ABOUT ORTM: Our Revolution Trenton Mercer [County] is a grassroots organization within the Our Revolution national network. ORTM supports progressive candidates and policies at all levels of government. This includes a recent effort that helped over 20 local progressives win new seats on the Mercer County Democratic Committee this past June.


ORTM’s policy priorities include voting rights issues like the Better Ballots NJ Campaign, making healthcare a human right via Medicare for All, police accountability legislation, and halting the escalating climate crisis.


ORTM will hold its next Meeting on Thursday, 10/20 at 7 PM on Zoom, and its next Happy Hour at Blend Bar and Bistro in Hamilton, on Friday 10/14 at 6 PM. Visit bit.ly/ORTMercer for more information, including links to social media accounts.

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