Passaic County’s Preakness Healthcare Center: Five Residents Test Positive for COVID-19

From Preakness Healthcare Center in Passaic County:

Despite the precautionary measures we have proactively put into place and the tireless efforts
of our staff, we are saddened to report that five of our residents have tested positive for
COVID-19. Four of the five residents who were admitted to the hospital from March 25 to
March 29, 2020 and are still hospitalized, have tested positive. One resident who was
hospitalized has succumbed to this deadly virus. Our heartfelt thoughts and prayers go out to
the family and friends of our resident.

Staff continue each shift to monitor all residents for any change in condition or symptoms.
Residents with changes are placed on precautionary isolation.

Staff have been and continue to be actively screened, prior to starting their shifts, for
temperature, illness and exposure risks. Any staff who presents with questionable symptom is
sent home with instruction to call their doctor and cannot work until cleared. Staff who are
referred for testing for COVID-19 may not work until cleared. We are also saddened to report
that thirteen of our staff have tested positive and are in self-quarantine at home.

Please be assured our staff are following all possible infection control protocols to minimize
further spread of the virus. As part of our precautionary measures, residents who return from a
hospital emergency room or who are discharged from hospital stays reside on a designated unit
and isolation precautions are followed. Residents who may have symptoms for possible COVID19 diagnosis are tested in the hospital and upon return, reside on the designated unit and
isolation precautions are followed. Isolation precautions are implemented for presumptive
COVID-19 pending the test results. In addition, three resident units have been placed on
quarantine for precautionary purposes. To avoid hospital emergency visits unless absolutely
necessary, Preakness will have the ability to test residents on-site if clinically appropriate under
the direction of the Passaic County Health Department.

We have implemented universal masking for all staff. To further prevent the spread of the virus,
we have begun the process to fit test all staff who have contact with residents to wear
respirator masks. We appreciate the assistance of an Industrial Hygienist who volunteered his
expertise to fit test staff.

At this time, our residents who have tested positive are still hospitalized. When the residents
are discharged from the hospital and readmitted, we will follow all CDC and health department
instructions for infection prevention and control.

We are extremely grateful to our staff who have continued to care for our residents during
these challenging and unprecedented times. Please keep all of our staff in your prayers. We
appreciate the support of our residents and families.

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