Phil Murphy Can’t Keep Track Of The Cost Of His Promises

Phil Murphy Can’t Keep Track Of The Cost Of His Promises

September 19, 2017
West Long Branch, NJ – Today, Guadagno campaign volunteers delivered a box of calculators to Phil Murphy’s campaign headquarters to help him better keep track of the cost of his promises. Yesterday, Phil Murphy initially estimated the cost of his new “free community college for all” program was $400 million, but then changed the estimate to $200 million. His campaign went on to contradict itself again, saying it was impossible to know the actual cost of the program.

Murphy did not detail which taxes he would raise to pay for his new proposal.

“Goldman Sachs Millionaire Phil Murphy has promised so much spending during his campaign, he can’t keep track,” said Guadagno Campaign Manager Dave Huguenel. “We felt obligated to assist Mr. Murphy and his team as they struggle to explain exactly how much his programs will cost because unfortunately, his promises have real world consequences for taxpayers who would be forced to foot the bill for the extreme cost of all of his programs with billions in higher taxes.”

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