Phil Rizzo’s NJ-07 Congressional Campaign Raises Over 215k in 90 Days

Phil Rizzo’s NJ-07 Congressional Campaign Raises Over 215k in 90 Days
April 12, 2022


NEW VERNON, N.J. — Phil Rizzo, Congressional candidate in New Jersey’s 7th District, announces a fundraising haul of over $215,000 in just 90 days of campaigning.

“That number speaks volumes about our momentum,” Phil Rizzo said, “This is a campaign of the people, who are ready to take back our Congress. We’ve had enough of the status quo, Leftist extremism, and a weak Republican establishment.”

After controversial redistricting in December that put the Rizzo campaign on halt, his fundraising resumed with intensity in January 2022. From when the campaign relaunched January 12 to the end of Q1, Rizzo raised $160,000 of his over $215,000. In anticipation of the coming months, Rizzo remarked “this war chest means we’re going to keep getting our message out, putting eyes on my opponents’ Leftist voting record, and inspiring New Jerseyans to take back our Congress.”

Republicans are waking up to the truth about Phil Rizzo’s opponent, Tom Kean, who is neither conservative or Republican, but part of the Leftist elite. Since launched, Rizzo has seen a boost in fundraising numbers because New Jerseyans are unmasking the real Tom Kean and want to support the true conservative candidate who will support our values.

And patriots across the nation are taking note. Having recently received an endorsement from Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-N.C.), making a splash in New Jersey with his campaign, and fundraising a notable amount in Q1, Rizzo — expressing gratitude to his supporters — wants his establishment opponents to know that their “reign over New Jerseyans is quickly coming to an end.”

This latest announcement further cements Rizzo’s position as the only primary alternative to moderate and establishment-backed Tom Kean.

To keep up to date on Phil Rizzo and his campaign, visit or follow the campaign on twitter @jerseyrizzo.

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