Pietropaolo for Passaic County Freeholder Campaign Condemns the Current Freeholders Campaigning at Memorial Day Events

Memorial Day is reserved for us to honor those who gave their lives in service of our country. The day is solemn and should be treated as such, in most places and for many people it is. Apparently Passaic County Democratic Freeholders John Bartlet and Assad Akhter have a different take on the day.

They chose to campaign at events that were held to honor the sacrifices of American soldiers. They were spotted in Wayne and in Hawthorne carrying their re-election banners and handing out campaign literature to people who were attending parades and solemn ceremonies.

I attended these events, but neither me nor my running mates chose to campaign on Memorial Day. We believe that actively campaigning – and handing out campaign literature and carrying election banners- would be disrespectful to the memories of those who died and to those who lost family and friends in the service to America.

I cannot help but feel that Mr.Bartlet and Mr. Assad were disrespectful to the memory of the service men and women we honored on Memorial Day. No one went to those events to watch them campaign. Of course Freeholders Bartlett and Assad are free to do what they please – like you and I they inherited the political liberty and personal freedom from those who fought and died for American values. Nevertheless I find it distasteful that these two politicians could not resist the temptation to take advantage of a solemn holiday to push their political goals.

I don’t know if Bartlett and Assad are just unaware of the true meaning of Memorial Day or are just simply out of touch with the people they are supposed to serve, maybe they just simply do not care about our American Heros.

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