Polistina Statement on Temporary Workers Bill

Polistina Statement on Temporary Workers Bill

Announces bipartisan legislation with Sen. Gopal to further address Temp Worker challenges

Today, Senator Vince Polistina voted in support of the “Temp Workers Bill of Rights,” affirming his support for the principle of equal pay for equal work and ensuring that all workers are treated fairly no matter where they work or who they work for.

“All people, regardless of their background, the color of their skin, or where they are from, should be treated equally under the law, and that certainly includes temporary workers,” said Polistina (R-2). “These men and women are chasing the same American Dream as the rest of us—the opportunity to work hard, provide for their families, and better themselves. Everyone, even those who opposed it, agree that this bill does that.”

Senator Polistina said he appreciates and respects the concerns of the business community and a number of his colleagues, which is why in conjunction with his vote today has sponsored bipartisan legislation with Senator Vin Gopal (D-11) to work on a legislative fix that addresses some of these outstanding issues.

“Although, on balance, everyone agreed that the main provisions of the legislation warranted support, I understand the concerns of the business community and those who didn’t support the vote today,” added Polistina. “That’s why Senator Gopal and I are working in a bipartisan fashion to tackle a number of those concerns.”

The first Polistina-Gopal bill would require the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development to furnish a study examining the effects of temporary employment on the workforce.

“The number of temporary workers in New Jersey continues to grow and be utilized in a variety of different industries. Ensuring these hardworking men and women are provided fair benefits, as well as equal pay for equal work was the right thing to do, but it was just the first step towards fixing a complex problem. That is why Senator Gopal and I believe initiating this study is critical,” said Polistina. “In fairness to both New Jersey employers and employees, it is incumbent upon the Department of Labor & Workforce Development to accurately conclude what effect an increased temporary work force will have on the entire workforce and our economy as a whole—and what we should do about it moving forward.”

A second Polistina-Gopal bill would require the New Jersey Department of Transportation to establish and administer a transportation grant program to provide grant funding to offset workforce transportation costs.

“I appreciate Senator Polistina’s willingness to partner with me on these bills,” said Gopal. “Getting unanimous support for legislation that deals with challenging issues like this is difficult. Vince and I both recognize that the business community has legitimate concerns here, so we are going to work together to improve upon what passed here today, while ensuring protections for these workers are put in place immediately.”

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