Prospect Park Mayor Mohamed Khairullah Issues Statement On Congressional Vote On Additional Military Aid To Israel

Press Release

Moments ago, the United States Congress voted to approve a 26.4 billion dollar military aid package to Israel. As a congressional candidate from New Jersey, I am deeply disappointed and concerned by this vote. I have been a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s handling of the Israeli aggression and daily massacres against the Palestinians in Gaza. I have been an outspoken advocate for immediate and permanent ceasefire and end to the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

My heart is heavy as I reflect on this decision. The ongoing Israeli genocide Gaza and the possible escalation of war between Israel and Iran are of grave concerns to me and to so many Americans. I firmly believe the U.S. should be working towards an immediate permanent ceasefire in Gaza and toward end of the Israeli occupation in Palestine not to send more arms and funds to Israel .

Our current Congressman has chosen to vote for this aid package for Israel. This decision means more war, more violence, and the loss of more innocent lives. I am with stoping all US arm sales to Israel . I refuse to see our tax dollars go to fund genocide . It is unacceptable that our elected officials are prioritizing military aid over diplomatic solutions that could save lives.

I have seen firsthand the devastating impact of war on communities abroad and right here at home. I have held the hands of grieving mothers and comforted children who have lost everything. And now, as a congressional candidate, I am more determined than ever to fight for a different path forward.

My campaign is focused on building bridges, promoting peace for all and championing the values of justice and progress. I am committed to working towards the freedom of the Palestinians and a just and lasting peace in the Middle East, and to ensuring that all people, regardless of their faith or background, are treated with the respect and dignity they deserve. This vote is a step in the wrong direction, I will continue to be a voice for peace, for justice, and for the sanctity of human life.


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