Rahway Councilman Bresenhan: 2 Faces of Trenton – One “For & of the People” – the Other “For & of the Christie”


2 Faces of Trenton –  One “For & of the People” – the Other “For & of the Christie” 




Rahway, N.J., [June 30, 2017] – The NJ state senators and assembly members who participated and voted in yesterdays sessions in Trenton and took a position on the senate Horizon bill and assembly Budget bill are to be commended for participating in the democratic process . The members of each body who took action and voted with the taxpaying public’s interest in mind should be especially commended and acknowledged publicly. Citizens should take time to call these legislators and acknowledge and thank them for standing up to Governor Bossy Pants and standing up for the hard working taxpaying citizens of New Jersey.


Yesterday was a historic day in Trenton and following are two lists from each legislative body, one that is those legislators who voted in the interest of the taxpayer and are for a government “..for the people…”, while the other list is of respective legislators who took positions adverse and with little regard to the interest of the taxpayer instead taking actions that serve Governor Christie’s whims and wishes.  Voters need to remember which side these legislators were on when they head to the polls in November 2017! Election day, Tuesday, November 7, is less than 130 days away and is a critical time for the voting public to exercise their right and vote, expressing their happiness or displeasure with their lawmakers. All 40 seats in the senate and 80 seats in the general assembly will be up for election.


The virtual shut down of the state of New Jersey does not fall on one persons shoulder but instead on the shoulders of the collective bodies of the legislature. If this shutdown does happen it ultimately falls on one persons shoulders and he sits inside the Executive office in Trenton at 125 West State Street unless he’s out frolicking at a U2, Springsteen or Bon Jovi concert.

These Assembly members voted with the interest of the voter and taxpayer in mind and cast an “aye” vote in the assembly for the budget:

Ralph Caputo (D)
Marlene Caride (D)
Annette Chaparro (D)
Nicholas Chiaravalloti (D)
Tim Eustace (D)
Thomas Giblin (D)
Reed Gusciora (D)
Jamel Holley (D)
Mila Jasey (D)
Angelica Jimenez (D)
James Kennedy (D)
Joseph Lagana (D)
John McKeon (D)
Angela McKnight (D)
Raj Mukherji (D)
Elizabeth Maher Muoio (D)
Vincent Prieto (D)
Annette Quijano (D)
Gary Schaer (D)
Shavonda Sumter (D)
Cleopatra Tucker (D)
Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D)
Benjie Wimberly (D)
John Wisniewski (D)

These Assembly members voted against the interest of the taxpayer and either “did not vote” or cast a “no” vote in the assembly for the budget bill:

Arthur Barclay (D)
Daniel Benson (D)
Chris Brown (R)
John Burzichelli (D)
Robert Clifton (R)
Herb Conaway (D)
Craig Coughlin (D)
Ronald Dancer (R)
Joe Danielsen (D)
Wayne DeAngelo (D)
John DiMaio (R)
Joann Downey (D)
Joseph Egan (D)
Jerry Green (D)
Louis Greenwald (D)
Eric Houghtaling (D)
Gordon Johnson (D)
Patricia Egan Jones (D)
Robert Karabinchak (D)
Pamela Lampitt (D)
Vince Mazzeo (D)
Paul Moriarty (D)
Gabriela Mosquera (D)
Sheila Oliver (D)
Erik Peterson (R)
Nancy Pinkin (D)
Eliana Pintor Marin (D)
Brian Rumpf (R)
David Russo (R)
Troy Singleton (D)
Adam Taliaferro (D)
Blonnie Watson (D)
Jay Webber (R)
Andrew Zwicker (D)


Bob Andrzejczak (D)
Robert Auth (R)
Jon Bramnick (R)
Anthony Bucco (R)
Michael Patrick Carroll (R)
Jack Ciattarelli (R)
BettyLou DeCroce (R)
DiAnne Gove (R)
Amy Handlin (R)
Joe Howarth (R)
Sean Kean (R)
Bruce Land (D)
Gregory McGuckin (R)
Nancy Munoz (R)
Declan O’Scanlon (R)
Gail Phoebus (R)
David Rible (R)
Maria Rodriguez-Gregg (R)
Kevin Rooney (R)
Holly Schepisi (R)
Parker Space (R)
David Wolfe (R)

Here is how the NJ Senate Horizon Bill Vote went down as they ultimately approved and supported Christies overreach to arbitrarily take monies from New Jersey’s number one health insurer:

These legislators acted in the best interest of the taxpayer and stood up to Chris Christie by voting “no” on the Horizon money grab bill S-4:

Kip Bateman (R)
Jennifer Beck (R)
Gerald Cardinale (R)
Richard Codey (D)
Chris Connors (R)
Mike Doherty (R)
Nia Gill (D)
Tom Kean (R)
Ray Lesniak (D)
Joseph Pennacchio (R)
Nellie Pou (D)
Ronald Rice (D)
Nicholas Sacco (D)
Shirley Turner (D)
Jeff Van Drew (D)


These senators voted against the taxpayer and voted “yes” to take $300 Million from HORIZON possibly eventually driving up premiums and potentially the demise of Horizon, NJ’s #1 health insurance provider or did not bother to vote at all:


Dawn Marie Addiego (R)
James Beach (D)
Anthony Bucco (R)
Nilsa Cruz-Perez (D)
Sandra Cunningham (D)
Patrick Diegnan (D)
James Holzapfel (R)
Joe Kyrillos (R)
Fred Madden (D)
Steve Oroho (R)
Kevin O’Toole (R)
Teresa Ruiz (D)
Paul Sarlo (D)
Robert Singer (R)
Bob Smith (D)
Brian Stack (D)
Steve Sweeney (D)
Samuel Thompson (R)
Joe Vitale (D)
Loretta Weinberg (D)
Jim Whelan (D)


Diane Allen (R)
Robert Gordon (D)
Linda Greenstein (D)
Nicholas Scutari (D)



Contact: Bob Bresenhan, Jr., Councilman-City of Rahway (NJ)


908 327 4036


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